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Updated by Jayden Coleman on Sep 20, 2017
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Top 8 free and open church management software solutions sources

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Let’s have a look at those 8 top free and open church management software solutions sources 1.Church Trac

Church trac is a church database for all kinds of churches be it small or a big one. With church trac you can keep a track of all your attendances, groups and members, and manage your finances as well as schedules. This software has both web-based and installed options, and the free version of it is up to 100 names. It offers membership management, attendance tracking and the ability to make absentee reports for people who are not present at the time of church service. It allows people to enter into a certain ministry as and when they desire to. It let your church run a search people to assist at certain events.


2.Church Info

Church info is a free, web-based open source database which can help your church to manage and track members, groups, donations and the payments. It is supported by an open source community of people who volunteer to help the needy ones and to make the software accessible to churches. Being a web-based solution, its system is completely free and they charge no fee for anything at any point. It is mostly used for small congregations. Its installation process is very easy and the system is fairly spontaneous.


3. Rock RMS

Rock RMS is a robust and an open source church management solution which provides all the features a small to mid-size church needs. Rock RMS helps in boasting a content management system and check-in features. The software could even be used to start up for large organizations and churches. It has a great support community for open-source software, and is a good check for logistics of using it.


4.Working Church

Working church is a church membership management software which can help your church to keep a track of your membership, events, seminars, conferences and donations. It is a downloadable software which could be installed in your PCs with just few steps and formalities. It is a free solution for at least 25 members.

After reviewing various sources, it is found to have a fantastic customer service which is attentive and fast. This software is easy to use, and is highly designed to help with church accounting and growth management.



Excellerate is a customizable church management software which help churches of all sizes be it small or a big one. It helps in managing and tracking member, visitors and their giving. It let churches send bulk emails, newsletters and reports to their supporters, free of cost. They offer a free version for up to 50 members. The software is timely responsive to their customers and their needs. It has got cloud-based software and is available for MAC users. The system is easy to use with no complications and can be accessed through an app or a website.



CahabaWorks is an installed church management software for managing members, groups, giving, and funds accounting system. Its standard edition is for small and medium sized churches, and is for free with no limits on people or total assets. This software is based on user testimonials and has great responsive technical support. It is intuitive for managing and tracking finances and is easy to download and used.



AgapeWORKS is an online management software which gives churches the ability to manage and control their congregation. It is specially designed to help small and growing churches. The software provides churches the ability to track and manage attendance and the donations. The system is free for unlimited number of users. It allows churches to have a web-presence without needing a full time IT staff. It is designed with a tool to run on small churches efficiently without any addition help.



Apostello is an open source SMS platform from the maker of OneBody (a free church directory). Apostello is a platform with some of the functions of a church management solution. This software is specially designed for small churches which needs a free and simple way to manage their members and supporters. It is worth using as it allows the users to respond to their texts and emails with just a click. Being an open source it is free for all and charges no fee. It let small churches to expand their amphitheatre and grow their functioning and maintaining their relationship with their supporters and groups.