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whatiscbd is an online site of blog and information about the various CBD and its effects. we provide A to Z information about CBD products and its medical use.

What is CBD - Get all the Information about CBD

What is CBD - is an informational blog site which includes the information about the cannabis, about the legality, how anybody can utilise cannabis in different types of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer, insomnia and many critical diseases. The site has the motive to spread awareness regarding CBD.

Difference Between Hemp And Marijuana

Hemp and marijuana both come from cannabis plant still there are substantial variations in it. Hemp and marijuana can be differentiated by function, cultivation, and application. There is a lot of confusion related to what is hemp and marijuana, so this article will help you to identify the difference between these two species of cannabis plant.


CBD treatment for chronic pain – What Is CBD

Cannabidiol is one of the sixty cannabinoids, which is being increasingly used worldwide. It is a natural component derived from cannabis and has grown into a popular wellness supplement and nutritional component. CBD or cannabidiol has become more of a household name owing it the amazing health benefits it has to offer. It is found…

A-Z facts about Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is extracted from medical grade plant which is grown without the application of toxic fertilizers and pesticides. The medical marijuana is non-psychoactive and comprises of negligible amount of THC. CBD is one of the 83 cannabinoids found from cannabis plant which is most popular along with THC.

Natural and Legal Cannabis against Depression

People in the majority today are suffering from mental illness. Question is how to treat depression? One of the most successful ways of reducing depression is to use CBD oil. CBD oil has the wide range of benefits for human health among which depression is one. Know more from this article about CBD oil.

Role of Endocannabinoid System in Skin

Skin is the living tissue and the largest organ in the human body. It acts as the protective layer and refrains dirt and bacteria to enter the body. Also, Endocannabinoid system modulations have proven to be effective in dealing with the human ailments. Learn about what are Endocannabinoids as well as its role in skin from What is CBD.

Here is the complete guide for CBD and its benefits

Heard about CBD but have no idea about it? Don’t worry, here is the complete guide to explain about what is. CBD is quite popular among the human culture which increases the use of CBD products day by day. You may also find CBD products at your nearest medical stores. There are numerous CBD benefits which are listed in the blog. Follow the blog and learn more about CBD.

Learn the positive aspects of CBD from Hemp oil

Initially, people misunderstood CBD and misinterpreted it uses. But as many countries legalities authorised Hemp products for medical benefits, its positive sides changed human perspective towards CBD. And then people started taking interests in learning about what is CBD and its facts. Here is one article guiding you towards CBD and it benefits. Learn it and use it!

What if CBD can be used for Respiratory Conditions?

Medical marijuana is getting popular among the human due to its therapeutic effects. Modern studies explain that CBD is also responsible for respiratory conditions. CBD is beneficial for asthma as well. Learn how CBD helps to recover from respiratory conditions from the blog.

Facts that Prove CBD is the best Medicinal Marijuana

CBD definition is still the stigma in the minds of the people. The outcomes of CBD at the human frame, while blended with different drugs, remains a place of observe and the consequences are expected to throw greater light in this concern matter. The health benefits CBD provides have convinced wide public to use it which results in high consumption rate of CBD products. This situation somewhat convinces mankind to accept CBD medicinally.

Studies Suggests CBD Treatment for Diabetes

Although many people with diabetes resort to CBD oil to help control their sugar levels, the physicians, however, will not recommend it as a treatment unless there are researches and exact reasons…Although many people lean to CBD for maintaining their sugar levels, the physicians don’t acknowledge CBD as medicine till the researchers approve it. But the wide medical marijuana benefits have convinced the researchers to approve the CBD for all diabetics. Hence all the people who wish to use CBD for medicinal purpose can surely avail it.

CBD Turning Out To Be The Best Revolution In The Medicinal Field

Where can I buy Cannabis oil? Just go online and visit e-stores. The medical benefits of CBD have made is way in the medical field and know it is surely used for medical purpose. You can also have the thorough knowledge about what is CBD, What is Hemp from the blog as well.

CBD expands in Medicine Technology

How CBD is Changing the Medicine Technology The CBD industry is very rapidly gaining pace in terms of the extent of expansion and market size as well. The earlier resistance to marijuana-based...The CBD industry is swiftly changing in terms of market size now CBD is widespread in the medical field also. The CBD definition is also getting a clear space in the mind for human. Learn some the medicinal concept about the cannabis from the blog and get much clear idea about it.

CBD for Sleep Disorders like Insomnia

Are you one of them who suffer from sleep-related disorders? No need to worry. CBD is the best solution for Insomnia. Just get the knowledge of CBD for Insomnia to sleep like a baby.

Does CBD help to Treat Liver Disease?

There are no secrets about the medical benefits of CBD. But have you ever heard about CBD for liver diseases? As CBD has anti-inflammatory characteristics helps to kill damaged cells and treat Liver Disease.

Cannabis : What is it?

Cannabis, also known as hemp among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis or hemp plant used for medical or recreational purposes. Cannabis is a variety of flowering plants in the family Cannabaceae. Click here to learn more about what is CBD.