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Updated by Jayden Coleman on Sep 20, 2017
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Top 9 Free Fundraising Software Providers for Nonprofits

Every nonprofit needs fund to meet their goals and keep going from one year to the next year. Without fundraising, no charitable trust can make strategies for doing their operations effectively.


Here are some great free and open sources fundraising software platform options to choose from:

  1. Qgiv: Qgiv’s simple and user friendly interface makes it easier to manage all your data and stay organized. It offers a variety of powerful features for nonprofits to manage their fundraisers that include: ● Unlimited donation forms, ● Text-to-give, ● Social sharing on forms, ● Online giving, ● Event registration, ● Easy-to-use form builders, ● Peer-to-peer and mobile fundraising, ● Reporting and tracking tools ● Unlimited training and support It provides you a customization option. Using this software, nonprofit leaders have full control over the layout and design of crafting the donation pages. Creating unlimited online donation forms does not require a monthly fee, but you will only be charged a processing fee of 3.95% with $0.30 per transaction. It’s ‘grow’ plan starts at $49 per month and ‘engage’ plan starts at $199 per month with the same transaction fees.

2. @Pay

@Pay’s mobile fundraising tool simplifies online donation process for donors and offers multiple different options to donate. It will optimize giving experiences that leads to more successful donations. It’s simple and innovative way to collect money enhances the donation process.

@Pay’s notable features are:
● Text-to-give
● Unlimited online donation pages
● 2-click donation forms
● Unlimited admin access and accounts,
● No account setup
● Transaction and donor data
● Quick pay buttons in email campaigns
● Bilingual support
Its basic plan is absolutely free with a transaction fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction and premium plan starts at $399 a year with a 2.5% processing fee with $0.30 per transaction.


3. Fundly

With Fundly, nonprofits can start crowdfunding campaigns. You can customize your page with videos and images to make your fundraising campaign stand out.
This software is flexible, customizable, and fully mobile-optimized. With this, you have the opportunity to easyfundraising for your specific campaigns. It is best in class social promotion. Its Facebook Open Graph integration automatically broadcast your campaign activity and you can maximize your overall social impressions.
You don’t have to pay any upfront cost. It only charges 4.9% platform fee, and 2.9% credit card processing fee plus $0.30 per transaction.


4. CiviCRM

It allows nonprofits to own your own CMS. It’s simple, powerful, and reliable software features designed to manage your association’s constituency.
CiviCRM’s high-quality and useful features are:
● Configurable and customizable
● Contact Management
● Membership Management
● Case management
● Contribution Management
● Email marketing
● Accounting Integration
● In-depth Reporting
● Event management
● Peer-to-peer fundraising
Integrating with your hosted website on Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla is one of the best features of this software.
As an open source CRM software, it is free to use.


5. Booster

It is peer-to-peer fundraising platform specializes in raising funds by selling custom T-Shirts. Using this platform, supporters can start a campaign, design your merchandise to best represent their cause, and can sell directly to the people in their network. With Booster, supporters can design up to 5 t-shirts to raise money.
Booster’s notable features are;
● Multiple Products
● Collection page
● Built-in social sharing
● Additional donation
● Track progress and communication
It is completely free to use.


6. DonorBox

It has simple, easy-to-use, and quick donation system. It focuses on attracting new donors, processing donations, and recurring donors. It offers multiple options to control recurring payments.
Its powerful and effective features are:
● Quick and multi-step checkouts
● Embeddable Donation form or button
● Customizable page and form builder
● Multiple currencies
● Secure
● Export donor data to MailChimp and Salesforce.
It is free under $1K donations per month. When you hit $1K or more in a month, it charges 0.89% platform fee.


7. DonorSearch Giving

It is a wealth search engine for donor screening. With DonorSearch tool, you can filter your searches based on location, type of donation, and donation amount, and when the donation was made. It gives the most accurate data and can be access from your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.
Its online tools are:
● Integrated Search (Data rich comprehensive reports)
● Prospect view online (Accurate records at your fingertips)
● Gift Search
● My Portfolio (Pinpoint the info you need in seconds)

It is free to use and perfect for small nonprofit organizations.


8. DonorPerfect

It offers nonprofits complete fundraising and donor management solution. It is a complete fundraising growth platform and allows you to run all types of your fundraising activities. With DonorPerfect, you can manage and maintain every aspect of your fundraising efforts in a single place.

Its comprehensive and useful features are:
● Data Management
● Contact Management
● Donation Processing
● Reporting and Analysis
● Targeted communications
● Event management
● Facilitated software integrations
● Wealth screening tools
It has 3 distinct packages with different prices and features. Its basic express plan starts at $159 per month, essentials package starts at $269 per month, and premier package starts at $459 per month.


9. Fundraising Report Card

It is a cloud based simplest analytics and reporting tool for nonprofits. It gives organizations quick and real-time view into the major metrics, as it turns data into meaningful actionable information. Its most innovative features allow fundraisers to optimize their fundraising efforts.
Its fundraising software features are:
● Average donation amount
● Donation frequency
● Donation growth
● Donor retention
● Donor acquisition
● Print reports
● Measures of campaign effectiveness
● Annual donations data
With this, you can analyze up to 5000 donations with zero fee, up to 20,000 donations with $35 per month, and up to 75,000 donations with $80 per month.
By choosing the right fundraising software for your organization, you can start your new fundraising campaign and raise more dollars for your good cause.