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Headline for Waterfalls in and Around Nuwara Eliya – Silver Cascades to Admire
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Waterfalls in and Around Nuwara Eliya – Silver Cascades to Admire

Waterfalls in and Around Nuwara Eliya – Silver Cascades to Admire


Lovers Leap Falls

Located on the Nuwara Eliya – Kandapola Road the water from these falls are used to blend one of Nuwara Eliya's famous brews. The name is attributed to a rather sad event where legend states a prince fell in love with a village girl beneath his standards. The king was vehemently against the affair and forbade the prince to marry the girl. It is said these two lovers leapt off the summit of the falls on a full moon night which to this day denounces the falls. Sad tales aside, Lovers Leap is a beautiful 30 metre high fall which can be seen from the second mile post on the Hawa Eliya Road when looking towards the Pidurangala Mountain.


Laksapana Falls

Falling into the Maskeliya Oya the Laksapana Falls start from the Laksapana Estate. Flowing through Mousakelle the falls are best viewed from Upper Glencairn in Dick Oya. This cascade too is located on the Nuwara Eliya – Kandapola Road; lending its water to the brewing process of the regions famous beer. Which makes it a must try when relaxing at your comfy accommodation in Nuwara Eliya.


Devon Falls

You will find these falls are easy to observe from the lookout point on the main road to Nuwara Eliya. Located just 6kms from the town of Talawakelle the falls are a majestic 97 metres high. Starting off as a narrow strip that widens to resemble a lace brocade, the falls meander across lush tea estates. Named after a pioneer coffee planter the falls can be observed leisurely from the lookout point at the 20th mile post. You may find the region highly conducive for seeking accommodation during your holiday in Nuwara Eliya; ideal for early morning treks along mist covered roads and exploring beautiful hills covered in tea bushes this region is well known for its immense beauty; you will find Yoho Bed offers choice and variety in this regard.


Ramboda Ella Falls

This is a huge waterfall that's 329 feet high. Located close to the 53km post this cascade is seen in three tiers. The initial part is located in the jungle above the A5 highway while the second part is closer to the road the third tier falls below the road level. Descend to the Ramboda basin where you can spend time and relax at the charming Ramboda Inn. Don't forget the cameras folks for the area is quite stunning and well worth capturing.


Hellboda Ella Falls

Located on the Kandy to Nuwara Eliya Road on the A5 trunk route this waterfall is 197 feet high. It is a simple yet impressive waterfall which can be reached from the side of the road. A small trek through the foliage will get you to the base.