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Best of Filtercopy

Enjoy some " freshly brewed" funny, relatable short videos from Filtercopy that are becoming very popular on the net...

FilterCopy | If Parents Behaved Like Us | Ft. Rajat Kapoor and Sheeba Chaddha

What if you get up tomorrow and the generation gap between you and your parents just vanishes? They talk, walk, speak and even act just like you! Would you love it or despise it?

Find out what your parents go through everyday when dealing with you!

Can't afford to lag behind when even parents have gotten so tech-savy!...

FilterCopy | Parents on Facebook | Ft. Dhruv Sehgal & Kritika Avasthi

Parents share, comment and like the darndest things! .

FilterCopy | Every Person Who Can't Cook

Cooking is a superpower :)

FilterCopy | What Not To Say In A Relationship

What not to say in a relationship

FilterCopy | Thoughts Couples Have After A Fight | Ft. Veer Rajwant Singh, Hira Ashar

It's always tense when you're in conflict with your significant other. But eventually, the bickering and quarreling stops. And no matter how annoyed you get,. you always make up for it - the only thing that matters! Here's the funny side of every couple fighting ever!

FilterCopy | Every College Romance | Feat. Tinder

What's college without a bit of romance?

FilterCopy | Annoying Things People Do In Your Car | Ft. Ayush Mehra, Viraj Ghelani

All of us have been in the situation where we are constantly given instructions while driving, by the people who are riding with us.

FilterCopy | Guys vs. Girls: Shopping | Ft. Veer Rajwant Singh, Kritika Avasthi, Akash Deep Arora

Necessity or therapy - why do you shop? Everyone has different reasons and shopping habits. But irrespective of that, one thing is true - the world's a better place when you do. So keep calm.

FilterCopy | What Men Think Women Do vs. What Women Actually Do

When it comes to women, some men believe the darndest things! We've decided to play myth busters and clear up these absurd misconceptions men have. Ladies, you agree with us? ..

FilterCopy | People we see in every exam! | Ft. Dhruv Sehgal, Akashdeep, Aniruddha Banerjee

A friend in need, is a friend indeed. Especially in #exams!

FilterCopy | 7 Ways To Troll iPhone Users | ft. Akash Deep Arora

No matter how rationally you argue with them, Apple fanatics will remain batshit crazy about the iPhone. Is it worth it, is it really better than other phone...

FilterCopy | Fashion Conversations With Mom | Ft. Aisha Ahmed, Sheeba Chaddha

No matter how old you get, your mother will always love dressing you up. Your fashion choices seldom match, but you can't deny that she knows what looks good...

FilterCopy | Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother | Ft. Aisha Ahmed, Madhu Gudi

No matter how much you try to refute it or change it, a huge part of your personality is your mom! The older you grow the more evident it becomes, and you see more and more of her in yourself. What are the habits you have inherited from your mom?

FilterCopy | Moving Out (Shifting Houses): Expectation vs. Reality | Ft. Veer, Hira, Akashdeep

Everyone dreams of moving out of their parents' house some day. But we're so eager to taste freedom that we forget that it comes with a price. In reality it's much tougher than we think. Welcome to the real world child!...

FilterCopy | Every Roadtrip Ever | Ft. Veer, Kritika, Akash Deep, Viraj

Weekend roadtrips are the perfect way to refresh yourself for the coming week and spend some quality time with your besties. Here are a few experiences we've all had without which every road trip remains incomplete!..

FilterCopy | Annoying People We All Know | Ft. Akashdeep Arora, Aniruddha Banerjee

They test our patience, make us clench our fists and grit our teeth. And still, get away with it. To hell with these annoying people we all want to get rid of from our lives!...

FilterCopy | Every Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) Fan | Ft. Shah Rukh Khan, Veer Rajwant Singh

We all know that one die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fan! Watch till the end for a message from Shah Rukh himself!

FilterCopy | Stuff Software Engineers Are Tired Of Hearing | Ft. Gulshan Devaiah)

Stop saying these things to engineers. JUST STOP!

FilterCopy | Life After College | Ft. Aniruddha Banerjee

'When will you get a job?' 'Don't you want to study further? ' 'What are your plans for the future?' There are a myriad questions that get hurled at you as soon as you graduate.Your parents won't get off your back. Things change too - friends get busy and you feel the pressure to work and earn. Life flips 180 degrees and you have to break out of your cocoon and face the world. Here's a funny take on what we've all been through after college! ...