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Updated by Brian Dawson on Oct 24, 2017
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Customer Finder Marketing

Customer Finder Marketing is a fully integrated internet marketing company based in Naples, FL. We specialize in finding more customers and leads for local and national businesses in order to increase their online presence, reputation, leads and profits. We achieve this through our SEO, reputation marketing, pay per click management, web design, content creation, video marketing, mobile marketing services and more.

Implementing SEO and Other Digital Marketing Practices for Better Online Performance

Look to these current trends when implementing SEO practices and see positive results on your website’s activity and your business’ performance.

Use These Essential Web Design Tricks to Improve Your Website’s Online Reach

Your website serves a crucial avenue for reaching out to your target market. Know what constitutes an effective web design to expand your reach.

Properly Implementing SEO Elements and Best Practices

SEO is not just a matter of stuffing content with optimized keywords. Hire a professional to help you build a more viable strategy for the long-term.

Web Design Tips to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Company’s Official Website

There are many ways for you to improve your web design. Seek the help of a professional digital marketing agency to give you the best results.

Working with An SEO Company and How It can Help Improve Your Business

You may think your in-house team can take care of your SEO requirements, but actually, you’re better off working with a professional SEO company.

Why You Should Take Web Design Seriously to Improve the Vitality of Your Business

Your company website should exemplify the integrity of your product or service. Appealing aesthetics and mobile functionality pose two examples.

Assess Your Online Presence, Its SEO, and Enlist a Pro to Expand Your Bottom Line

Old and new businesses alike need to stop hesitating and board the SEO bandwagon now. Every idle moment amounts to losing a step on your competition.

Failing to Understand Web Design Tops List of Why Most Small Businesses Still Lack a Website

To build an empire, you need to accept risks and be willing to learn everything you can to reach your personal goals. Despite the fact that business owners carry a reputation of being risk takers, many of them are hardly convinced that they need to create and manage their own website to improve their profit margins.

Want Your Business to Get Better at SEO? Listen to These Tips from an Experienced SEO Company

If you want your target market to pay attention to your brand online, you have to take a closer look at what matters to them most: search. As much as 93 percent of all online experiences actually begin with a search.

Look for These Indicators to Determine Whether Your Web Design is Producing Results

Despite consumers' dependency on digital access to all markets, it’s quite surprising to learn that ahuge chunk of small business owners still feel that they don’t need a company website to succeed. In fact, only 13 percent of adult Americans refuse any internet connection at all.

Regular Updates of SEO Strategies Is Key to an Effective Business Website

With Google practically introducing over 500 algorithm tweaks per year, it is quite foolish for anyone to think that a single SEO strategy will remain effective forever. Thus, for business owners to stay on top, they would need to make sure that their SEO is regularly updated to accommodate all the little changes those algorithm tweaks had introduced to the system.

Outdated Web Design Hurts Your Business More Than You Think It Does

It’s no secret that a little more than half of all shoppers complete their transactions online. Subsequently, it’s foolish for any business to forego the creation of their own company website.

The Pillars of an Effective SEO Marketing Campaign Rest on Three Cornerstones

Even with all the digital marketing tools available in the market, search engine optimization or SEO remains the most popular and most effective in boosting sales of small and local businesses.

Optimizing Web Design for Mobile Use: Making Your Business Portable

Having a website is simply not enough nowadays. You also have to make sure that you have a good web design, both for desktop and mobile screens.

Promising SEO Trends for 2017 That Can Help with Your Business Growth

Building a strong online presence is crucial for any type of business nowadays. Effectively implement trending SEO strategies with professional help.

Does Your Business Website Need an Infusion? Incorporate These Web Design Features

If you want to make your business website stand out, incorporate some critical web design features designed to increase traffic and brand recognition.

Wondering if You Need Some SEO Assistance? These Signs Tell You When to Contact an SEO Company

There are a number of signs that clearly indicate your business can use some professional help from an SEO company to achieve more traffic.

Web Design Firm Shares Interesting Facts About Mobile Internet Usage

Do you want your business to be digital-ready? Then begin by making sure that your web design is suitable for browsing on smartphones and tablets.

Top SEO Mistakes That Businesses Should Avoid at All Costs

SEO is an important component of your online marketing strategy. However, haphazard implementation can actually cause more damage than good.

  • Brian Dawson – CEO & Director of Business Development

    Brian is a recognized social media expert and marketing strategist, as well as the CEO of Customer Finder® Marketing – a fully integrated Media Marketing agency based in Naples, FL. He works with local, national, and international corporations on social media and other marketing strategy.

    He has been a guest speaker for organizations, events and forums related to social media and marketing, on how to effectively integrate social media into your overall marketing and business goals. Over his 34 year work career, he has worked in sales and marketing with Fortune 500 companies, he has owned and operated 2 health clinics, and has been the COO of an international finance software company. Brian is a Certified Business Coach and holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Brian received his BS Degree in Economics from Purdue University.

    And he is a published expert author, has a book published on Amazon, public speaker, business consultant on topics for business finance and marketing and he keeps busy helping business owners worldwide. And still find time for family, friends, writing, and charitable venues of interest.

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