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Eight Best Items to Take Home as Souvenirs from Sri Lanka- Batiks, Tea, Cinnamon and More!

From Ceylon tea to ayurvedic products, tourists who holiday in Sri Lanka can pick a number of different items to give as gifts and keep as souvenirs.


Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is famous the world over and its roots can be traced back to the British occupation of the island. A British planter by the name of James Taylor introduced tea to the island in the mid-19th century. Since then, Ceylon tea has developed quite a positive reputation in the global market and is also one of the largest exports of the island. In fact, tourists residing in Nuwara Eliya hotels will be able to see acres and acres of up-country tea cultivations. Given this reputation and the high quality teas that are available, tourists who visit Sri Lanka will benefit greatly from taking tea back as a souvenir for those back home.


Ceylon Gems

Given that Sri Lanka has a very long geological history, numerous types of gems can be found here. Such gems range from Topaz, Garnet, Zircon, Beryl and Tourmaline to Corundum gems such as Sapphires and Rubies. In fact, the Blue Sapphire found in Sri Lanka is world famous. Such Blue Sapphires are found in the Crown of Queen Elizabeth II as well as in the engagement ring of the Duchess of Cambridge (the ring used to belong to Princess Diana of Wales). For those who wish to purchase Ceylon gems, the best places to find them are in Ratnapura, Galle and Kandy. However, for those who are only visiting Colombo, there are also a number of jewellery shops in the heart of the city that specialise in gems.


Devil Masks

A truly exotic souvenir to take back home, the devil mask enjoys traditional, historical and literary significance in Sri Lankan culture. The most well known village for devil masks is Ambalangoda, a village that is easily accessed from nearby Heritance Hotels & Resorts in Sri Lanka. While the streets of Ambalangoda are often dotted with various devil masks that can be purchased, tourists may also benefit from visiting the Mask Museum which not only displays the different types of masks, but also displays traditional puppets and even puts on puppet shows accompanied by traditional Sri Lankan music.


Batik Garments

While Indonesian batiks are world famous and are dominantly found in the South East Asian region, Sri Lanka is also famous for batiks. Tourists will be able to find different styles of batiks depending on where they shop. If they shop in Colombo, they will be able to purchase high-end designer batik wear as well as different types of batik garments.


Ayurvedic Products

The ancient medicinal system known as Ayurveda has been rejuvenated in Sri Lanka in the recent past with a number of retailers offering Ayurvedic treatments in a manner that appeals to the modern consumer. These ayurvedic products can be purchased from a number of retailers in and around Colombo and make for excellent gifts for friends and loved ones back home.


Elephant Souvenirs

Sri Lankan elephants can be seen in a number of national parks in the island, and is often the highlight of safaris. Therefore, tourists can purchase elephant souvenirs from a number of places across the island to keep as a keepsake of their time in Sri Lanka.



Sri Lanka is well known for its spices such as turmeric, chillies, cardamom and cloves. However, it is perhaps the elusive and expensive Ceylon cinnamon that is most sought after. Make sure to visit a cinnamon estate and observe how peelers unravel the cinnamon sticks and purchase some to take back home.


The Sri Lankan Sarong

The Sarong is a clothing item that is a staple in Sri Lanka. Whether one is at home or at the beach, the sarong is an integral component for it is comfortable, especially in the humid weather present on the island. As a memento of their time in Sri Lanka, tourists can purchase colourful sarongs to take back home.

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