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Updated by EasyRead Time on Jul 25, 2017
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5 Benefits of Teaching your Child to Tell the Time

In the age of digital watches and iPhones do our children really need to learn the traditional methods of telling the time? Here we offer five great reasons why teaching youngsters how to read an analogue clock is beneficial for child and parent.


Assists mathematical skills

Assists mathematical skills

Reading the time requires quick mental arithmetic such as the 5 and 10 times tables. Learning to tell time on an analogue clock is a great way of nurturing that ability, performing basic multiplication as part of a familiar everyday task.


Gives children a concept of time

Gives children a concept of time

It’s important for children to develop an awareness of time as it helps them to recognise the motion and structure of each day. Because an analogue clock has moving hands, it also offers children a key visual representation of how time passes by.


Encourages time management

Reading the time during their daily routine helps to give young children an understanding of how long different tasks and activities take. This establishes vital early principles such as timekeeping, prioritising and urgency.


Promotes independence

Learning to tell the time helps young children to develop self-discipline and to manage their activities without the prompting of an adult. This allows them the freedom to become more autonomous, play independently and to gain new skills.


It will make your life easier!

It will make your life easier!

Because learning to tell the time will help your child to become more self-sufficient and conscious of organisation and discipline, you’ll find daily processes such as mealtimes, playtimes, bathtimes and bedtimes will all become better structured and far less stressful!

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