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Find best Salt Lake City family law office at your Area..

During this time, it is vital to seek representation from a Salt Lake City divorce attorney to file a petition in family court. Although mediation does not guarantee success, it is often seen as an effective solutions a high number of contested divorces in Salt Lake City. If you are involved in an contested divorce, it is important to have an experienced family law attorney in your corner.

What If Your Spouse Refuses to Sign Divorce Papers?

Do you file for divorce? What happens if your spouse refuses to sign the divorce paper? In such a case you should consult with an experienced attorney.

What If Your Ex Spouse Abducts Your Child?

Perhaps the most complicated child custody matters are those that go beyond our borders. Unfortunately, once a parent abducts a child and flees to another country, the laws become more difficult to enforce. However, if a child is taken to a country without a treaty, it is the best contact an attorney that specializes in international disputes.

Ending the Vicious Cycle of Domestic Violence

The State of Utah offers two types of protective orders–a temporary restraining order and temporary civil stalking injunctions. Before you begin, it is first important to discuss these options with a Salt Lake City family law attorney. Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney Emy A. Cordano understands the obstacles facing victims of domestic violence. contact Salt Lake City family law office today and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

Salt Lake City Guardianship Lawyer | Child Guardianship | Stepparent Guardianship Attorney, Utah

Salt Lake City Guardianship Lawyer, Emy Cordano helps people in adoptions and obtaining guardianships & also she will help you evaluate all viable options and pursue the solution that best addresses your situation – prioritizing efficiency and affordability as well as securing the authority you need. Obtaining a guardianship can be a complicated process. It is critical to receive assistance from a highly-skilled family law attorney that can help complete your paperwork and correctly explain the necessary actions required to get the best results. Call us to schedule a time to come in and talk with us about your need.

Reasons parents lose custody of their children | Child Custody Attorney

Although most laws are designed to help divorced parents maintain a healthy relationship with their children, there are times when some issues may disqualify divorcees from having legal custody of their kids. If you are dealing with a child custody matter is best you contact a Salt Lake City child custody attorney to discuss your legal options.

Everything you need to know about child support enforcement in Utah

Do not try to enforce child support payments on your own. This is a complex process that only a child support attorney is qualified to handle. If you are having difficulty, call us today and schedule your initial consultation. A child support order must be obeyed. Family law attorney Emy. A. Cordano can address your legal needs and represent you in court.

Divorce Vs. Legal Separation In Utah: What’s The Difference?

“A temporary divorce” without actually filing a Petition for Divorce! Yes, because Utah has its own legal process to separate from your spouse without actually divorcing. This process is called legal separation. To know more, contact Salt Lake City family law attorney to explain how two lawfully married spouses can file for a temporary separation order in Utah and how it is different from filing for a divorce.