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Best of Girliyapa

Enjoy some quirky and funny Girliyapa videos that aim at celebrating and sharing relatable and interesting stories about progressive women ....

Girliyapa Ep. 1 | Why Should Hot Girls Have All The Fun?

A hot girl notices that she's being stared at and her friends lose their shit! Watch this hilarious video to know why.

Girliyapa's "Mom, I'm not a virgin!" |

How will a mom react to her daughter's confession about her virginity.

Girliyapa's Chak De! Indian Women Cricketers

Watch what happens when the women's cricket team gets a new marketing coach. P.S.: Our women cricketers are making us proud in the Women's World Cup!

Girliyapa's Everyday Fashion Problems

Every girl goes through “What should I wear today moment” What do they do then? Find out!

Girliyapa's Why Girls Get Brozoned? | Ladies Room Bakchodi

Ladies room, a place where women talk about anything and everything. But what conversation do they have when one of them gets brozoned? Find out!

Girliyapa's Break ups and Downs

Alia aka Kaira's friends get super upset at her after her break up. But why?

Girliyapa's Mom Wars | Whose side are you on?

On an open day at school, Mrs. Shah and Mrs. Sharma get into a verbal clash on whose kid is the best. What happens next? You find out.

Girliyapa's What Happens In The Staff Room

What happens in the staff room stays in the staff room. But what really happens? Watch it in this teacher's day special video.

When Your Roomie's Parents Visit You | The Timeliners

The only time when you 'religiously' follow #‎SwachhBharatAbhiyan!

Girliyapa's When Girls Live Together

Ever wondered what girliyapa happens when girls live together. Watch the video and find out!

Girliyapa's Excuses When Girls Come Home Late

It's never easy to enter the house late, especially if you are a girl. What excuses do girls give then? Watch the video and find out! ...

Girliyapa's Maa Ke Haath Mein Steering

Inspired by her daughter Nikki's driving skills, Nikki's mother decides to learn to drive her husband's car. With Nikki putting sincere efforts to teach, what starts off as an exciting driving lesson, soon turns into a chaos of family matters. Will she learn to drive? Watch the video and find out

Girliyapa's When You Are Bad With Directions

What happens when your lose your way, literally? Find out!

Girliyapa's Things Skinny People Go Through

Heard of fat shaming but ever heard of skinny shaming? Watch the video to find out what skinny people go through.

Girliyapa's Things Fat Girls Go Through

A fat girl has to go through a lot of things. Watch to find out!

Girliyapa's Thug Wife Compilation

Thug Wife is more than just an ordinary house wife. Watch how she deals with everyday situations.

Girliyapa's Types of people you meet for arranged marriages ft. Taapsee Pannu & Amit Sadh

What happens when Taapsee Pannu & Amit Sadh look for prospective life partners? Find out!

Girliyapa | Ab Ki Baar HR

Watch the Girliyapa girls lose their shit when the HR offers them a promotion. Watch this hilarious video to know why.

Girls Buying Condoms

It's World AIDS day and we are emphasizing on the importance of condoms for safe sex in this fun video. Watch & enjoy and don't forget to buy condoms!

Girliyapa's The Period Song

Code Red, Aunt Flow, Shark Week, Those Days, call it whatever but this women's day, instead of changing the topic let's talk about periods! Come to the period club and join the sisterhood!

Girliyapa's To Pee Or Not To Pee

Billions of women are tired of hovering over dirty public toilets. Kranti decides to take things in her own hands and fight against this injustice. What happens next will blow your bladders!...

Girliyapa's When Little Wins Make You Happy

Life is short and not everyone can win an Oscar. Cherish the low hanging fruits of life and celebrate like a BOSS!

Girliyapa's What Happens In A Girls College

Ever wondered what girls are really like with each other when there are no boys around? Watch to find out what happens inside an all girls college!

Girliyapa's If Your Gut Feeling Was A Person

Everyone has a gut feeling that pops up in various situations to tell you what might happen and it is usually right. But Srishti's Gut Feeling is a person, let's look at how she deals with it.

Girliyapa's When Little Wins Make You Happy

Life is short and not everyone can win an Oscar. Cherish the low hanging fruits of life and celebrate like a BOSS!