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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Things to Pack for Your Weekend Trip – Lets Make Weekend Travel a Breeze

Packing for a weekend getaway is a breeze; taking away the hassle of throwing together the right stuff for your trip this short list leaves more time for enjoying your precious little getaway.


Just Pack Clothes for the Weekend

Most of us find ourselves packing for the entire week and not just the stolen little getaway; avoid this by following the rules of 'capsule packing'. Pack light and pack stylish using this key concept. Take along the essentials depending on where you weekend escapade is taking place. Maybe you are exploring one of the lovely hotels in Mirissa; in which case you would need to take along a pair of shorts, matching t-shirts and a bathing suit. For evening wear a light kaftan will serve the purpose well while a pair of cotton pants for gents will help keep with the dress code.


Make a List

The essence to packing light is knowing what you need to take; as the previous point elaborates. It is helpful to make a list of what you need to take. For instance in keeping with the beach theme as an example one can create a packing list of essentials for the environment. Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, phone, phone charger, medications, sun protection, hats, tote bag and insect repellent may fall into the essential list. Items of course change according to the destination. Go over the list and add or take of items as you deem important.


Consider the Amount of Luggage to Take

A weekend trip generally needs just one bag; a carry on or backpack will work well. Choose a small backpack for items such as books, phone chargers, electronics and medication. Decide on the luggage before gathering your stuff; this way you know the limited space and pack accordingly. If you are driving to your destination it may be possible to take along more than one bag since places such Esprit d'ici Hotel in Mirissa is less than an hour from Colombo and is an easy drive. But if you are off to overseas destinations or are taking a domestic flight consider one carry-on suitcase for convenience. In this case a collapsible bag for essentials such as phone, passport, camera, medicine etc. will be a space saver.


Consider which Electronics to Take

Sadly even a holiday by the sea in Mirissa means that many travellers bring along their electronic gadgets such as iPad, phone and MP3 player. Do consider if you will really be spending time on that laptop; is it really necessary or are you off to relax for the next two days. If you are travelling abroad connecting to WIFI networks via your phone will save you on roaming charges as well as provide access to e-mails making it unnecessary to take along laptops and iPads. Will you be spending time listening to music or exploring the palm fringed coasts or other natural environs of where you are visiting. Consider the natural stimulants of your destination before packing electronics; after all its just two days.


Be an Organised Packer

Do not throw stuff into a suitcase as is the norm for a quick weekend getaway; instead pack clothes in one section of the bag and have small maybe collapsible bags for miniature items. This systems avoids a mad scramble to locate stuff, it saves time and frustration. Remember the key is to take it easy, enjoy your precious few days and simply relax.

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