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Little Believer's Academy

At Little Believer’s Academy, children will enjoy a balance of indoor and outdoor free play, group activities, learning center activities and individual attention. We equip and furnish our learning centers with age-appropriate materials and curriculum. Our programs include STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

How Group Play Can Help Children Achieve More In Life

Adults who succeed in life are thought of to be the bright, diligent, and highly-driven kids at school. There is much truth to that, but that is not always the case. There are a lot of successful people who were never really academic achievers back in grade school. They are even those who love to play games and have fun with their peers every after school.

Many parents, especially the new ones, are in search for answers to children’s behavioral challenges. Developing a good reward plan can help a child develop good habits with a lot of various behaviors.

Programs | Little Believer's Academy

NC Daycare Programs - Call 919-359-8939 or email to request for more info on Summer Camp, Pre-K and Infant Care.

Tips to Help your Child with His Struggles at School | Little Believer's Academy

Surely, kids have academic, emotional, and social struggles in school. However, with commitment and plenty of love from you as parents, such problems can often be resolved and you can expect to have a child with a stronger personality. Below are some tips from Little Believer’s Academy to help you with your child’s struggles in school.

The Positive Effects of Daycare in Children | Little Believer's Academy

There have been many published literary works in the forms of journals, blogs, documentaries, or research studies, that tells us of the negative effects of daycare in children. Especially in the areas of emotional and social development, day care is said to create negative behaviors and outcome in children that are very undesirable.

Archimedes Hub: 5 Tips to Become a Successful Mathematician

Because it needs a comprehensive analysis, there is no denying that mathematics is definitely one of the most difficult subjects. However, there is always a way out despite the difficulties.

Infant Care: 4 Tips New Moms Wish They Received

Parenting is hard, especially if you are a first-time mom.

Daycare Unique Benefits at Little Believer's Academy in North Carolina

NC Daycare Unique Benefits - For more details on Infant Care, Toddler Care and Before / After School programs, you can call 919-359-8939.

Daycare Programs at Little Believer's Academy in Clayton and Garner NC

NC Daycare Programs - Call 919-359-8939 or email to request for more info on Summer Camp, Pre-K and Infant Care.

Tips to Try to Help a Picky Child Eat

We provide Quality Care for Children in Garner, North Carolina, along with strict protocols on sanitation.

Actions That Can Positively Influence Your Child’s Character

Children are a lot like new notebooks; for the notebook to become informative, it needs to be filled with facts and illustrations that will give it its distinct genre of information from minds before them. Just like children, they come into the world with a clean slate without any prejudices on what the world is, just ready and willing to discover new things whatever may come their way.

How to See the Good Side of Children’s Tantrums

Tantrums? Not again! We hear you, dear moms and dads! As your advocates in Quality Care for Children in Garner, North Carolina.

How to Encourage your Child to Eat Veggies: 5 Tips

There’s no denying how vegetables are greatly beneficial to a child’s overall health. Even as key providers of Quality Care for Children in Garner, North Carolina, we recognize the value of healthy meals as a way to increase their capacity for learning. However, it’s also a real challenge when our children are picky about veggies. With all the chips and sweets that they see on TV, we can understand how vegetables can be really given lesser attention even more.

Keeping Your Little Ones Safe at Preschool

A major milestone as a parent and for your child is their first day at school. This can be a very exciting day, but it can also lead to a lot of anxiety as a parent. Chances are, this will be the first time you and your child will be separated for a longer period of time and it can be nerve-wracking worrying about their safety. However, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that your little one is safe at their local day care center in Garner, NC.

Class Size: Why Does It Matter?

When you are looking for a good preschool, there are many things that you will want to keep in mind. One of the most important is the class size. Even though it is just a preschool, this still plays a large role in the education your child will receive and it can make a big difference in their academic careers. Basically, when you are looking around for child care centres in Garner, NC, it is important to find a school that offers smaller class sizes, and here is why:

Teaching Your Preschoolers to Cooperate

Cooperation enables a person to meet their needs while also meeting the needs of others. This is an important life skill that need to be taught at a young age. Parents, teachers, and other adults have the responsibility to teach the young ones how to cooperate.

Keeping Your Youngsters Safe During Water Play

Going to the pool, the beach or any other body of water can help cool down the heat. It also offers the chance to socialize with other individuals. When you have youngsters around, water play gives them the opportunity to develop physically, learn how to swim and learn how water works.

Tips to Teach Gratitude to Your Child

It’s never too early to teach wonderful virtues to your child. As providers of Quality Care for Children in Garner, North Carolina, at Little Believer’s Academy, we believe that instilling life values can be established in a child’s formative years, which are their first five years of life.

The Benefits of SUPERVISED Online Videos to a Child

As a Day Care Center in Garner, NC, we recognize and value our role in promoting a child’s overall welfare. Everything that concerns a child’s development, whether it’s included in our programs, something occurring in the society, or the latest happenings online, it will be something we would want to pay attention to.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Little One’s Safe?

Sending your little ones off to preschool for the very first time can both be an exciting and terrifying experience. We all want to see our children excel and achieve major milestones but at the same time, sending your little one off to preschool, maybe the first time you have been separated from them.

The Important Value of Class Size

When you are looking at Child Care Centres in Garner, NC for your little one, there are many things that you want to consider before enrolling them. However, one of the most important factors to think about is the class size.

Top 3 Activities to Get Your Child Excited About Math

What was your memory about learning Mathematics in school? Did you find it hard or easy? For those who find Mathematics as a less exciting subject, it will not be difficult to know why. After all, this subject requires a lot of analysis and patience especially in solving problems.

Ways to Get Your Child Interested with Going to School

A child’s interest in school is only the first but crucial step for their academic success. When they see that school is something they need to do, they will really do it even when they are still at preschool. As key providers of Quality Care for Children in Garner, North Carolina, it is our desire that children can gain a good academic foundation for their future success. With that, we do our best to make their stay in our center as interesting and engaging as possible.

Tips When Choosing Books for Your Toddlers

Being a Day Care Center in Garner, NC, we are dedicated advocates of quality learning. We also know that in the first five years of life, children can absorb more learning than at any age. For this reason, our programs and lessons are geared to harness this potential.

Why You Need to Set Routines for Your Preschoolers

Routines are structured activities followed on a daily basis. As we provide Quality Care for Children in Garner, North Carolina, we also make use of routines in our everyday programs. We know that routines can be helpful for preschoolers to practice some structure.