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Recent Trends in Information Technology 2017

This article all about Recent Trends in Information Technology in 2017 for more detail read full article


Recent Trends in Information Technology

Recent Trends in Information Technology

Recent Trends in Information Technology


Recent Trends in Information Technology

Recent Trends in Information Technology

The fast changing landscape of information technology is giving rise to new ways of technology assisting humans. The current technology trends suggest a massive change in how we interact with the world around us. The latest technology in IT is reshaping the world around.
Let us have a look at top 10 latest technology trends.
*On-Demand Services *
The classic example of on-demand services includes Uber, Airbnb, and Instacart. Only a few industries are offering on-demand services to their customers. However, with more mobile applications created for the customers, we will see services available on demand. However, it will be a challenge and not easy for other every industry to mitigate this business model.
*Platforms for Internet of Things *
IoT is already big. So many companies are taking part in the development. The B2B and B2C use provide unlimited possibilities to the internet of things users. There are numerous examples of IoT already getting implemented. For example, smart homes represent a system of integrated things working in unison to provide a comfortable living to the occupants.
*The Mesh Up of Architecture and Service *
The new digital mesh up lets dynamic and flexible environments to deliver service design. The idea is to cater to the users’ different requirements. This digital mesh up of architecture and service brings in one place apps, services, information sources, and micro services. The architecture lets apps function across different endpoint devices.
*Adaptive Network Security Architecture *
Hacking remains a consistent danger to the devices. The new technologies’ integration online makes “hacking” a much bigger threat. Therefore, security of the IT infrastructure becomes a critical issue. Adaptive network security architecture deploys artificial intelligence to learn and improve the security without human intervention.
*Intelligent Virtual Personal Assistants *
The implementation of smart machines will also include in the future virtual personal assistants. These smart advisors will act autonomously or semi-autonomously. Examples include users talking to their smartphones for finding directions, and self-driving vehicles driving you to your destination. These little assistances will make our life more productive.
*Advancement in Machine Learning Technology *
Machine learning makes the machines intelligent. They learn from our environment and accordingly adapt. This technology lets the machine change its future behavior. There are different applications for such type of technology. For example, the use of machine learning in armored autonomous vehicles will let them find their way in the enemy territory.
*Information on Everything *
Information on Everything or IoE will be the next phase in the evolution of the big data analytics. In the past, data was flowing through multiple yet disconnected streams. However, in the future, it will change with data from all streams analyzed to make decisions. Once integrated, this approach will let businesses provide ultra-personal experience to their customers.

*Advancements in 3D Printing Materials *
There is a continued improvement in the three-dimensional printing materials space. Some of these advanced materials for printing in 3D include carbon fiber, sophisticated nickel alloys, glass, conductive ink, biological materials, and pharmaceuticals. The new three-dimensional printing materials give endless possibilities to different industries.

*Device Mesh *
The mash up of smartphones, tablets, and PCs has become well established. But, technology will define new mesh ups with various devices. It will extend to offering a full range of touch points between digital technology and humans. The mesh up will lead to a more collaborative environment in the future.
*The Concept of Ambient User Experience *
There is an increase in our day to day digital interaction. These new digital communications are redefining our experiences. The immersion of electronic, virtual, and physical environments relies on contextual information. All these elements in the environment combine to create an environment we have never experienced before, with technological innovations to add more to it.

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