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05 Amazing Things to do in Maldives – Get Addicted to Island Life

The Maldives tucked away amidst the gorgeous Indian Ocean promises one an experience of turquoise blue oceans, thriving culture, self-indulgent cuisine and encounters that promise to awe.


Enjoy a Private Picnic

Where do you enjoy a private picnic in the Maldives? Why on a private little sandbank of course. The sun bleached sand that makes up the beach of the sandbank is powdery soft and warm to the touch. The waters are a glistening blue inviting you in for a swim. Vacation Maldives will promise experiential holidays and most certainly a picnic on a sandbank will do just that; take along a custom made hamper and unpack goodies such as lobster, champagne and cheeses. That's right folks island life does not get any better than this.


Snorkelling and Diving

All holidays in Maldives consist of at least one snorkelling or diving adventure. The gorgeous coral atolls are just too good to resists with the Indian Ocean teeming with all manner of marine life. Snorkelling is the easiest and most popular water sport accessible to the entire family; all you do is swim up to the nearest reef right from the beach of your ideal Maldives resort. The archipelago is home to some of the world's best dive sites and is truly a haven for both seasoned and novice divers. PADI diving certifications are offered at just about all top resorts in the country making it easy for you to choose the best Maldives resort depending on your requirements. Diving is where one encounters giant manta rays, elusive whale sharks, stunning coral formations and a myriad of other marine life.


Tropical Spa Treatments

Enjoy the holistic sanctuaries of Maldives to sounds of the gentle surf; relax unwind and rejuvenate as you indulge in treatments that are far beyond exceptional. Spas are generally lavish wellness centres offering one expansive views of the ocean and services of experts in the field of holistic healing. Special packages for couples make this one of the most popular activities amongst the many honeymooners choosing Maldives as their dream destination.


Sunset Cruises

Set sail into a blazing red sky and relax as the stars light up the heavens. Sunset cruises are lavish trips that take place in either a traditional dhoni or luxury yacht. Enjoy champagne to sights of the setting sun and tuck into a gourmet dinner as the stars appear in the night sky.


Island Hopping Tours

Island hopping tours let you experience the archipelago like never before. These tours take you across the nearest atolls exploring local islands where friendly Maldivians will regale you with tales of folklore, tasty traditional meals and maybe sights of a fresh catch being brought in. These tours also cover the uninhabited islands where one can savour the lush environs of island forests and swim in hidden coves. Picnic on the white sand beaches and look forward to chilling under sunny skies.

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