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08 Amazing Places to Visit in Asia – The Exotic Destination

Most travellers get excited at the thought of touring Asia; a continent of many allures. Absorb culture, traditions, cuisine and tropical splendours that most are home to; here are some top locations


The Siberian Altai - Siberia

The southern Siberian Altai Mountains belonging to western Siberia offers a marvellous bio-diverse sequence of environs to visit. Explore pastures, forests, as well as mixed forests, alpine vegetation and subalpine vegetation. The unique ecological destination is not only a haven of foliage but is known for its residents such as the very rare Snow Leopard. Sadly rising temperatures and the greenhouse effect are having devastating effects on the region which may invariably see a loss of the areas unique flora and fauna.


Cherrapunji - India

Located at an altitude of 1290 feet this region in India receives the world's highest concentration of rainfall. Between March to October the region receives almost 98% of its rain fall leaving a dry period of just 4 months. Deforestation, soil erosion and environmental pollution are all factors that contribute to the devastation of this stunning region.


The Sindhu River - India

Flowing for over 3,000kms the Sindhu River's source lies within the Himalayas. Along the banks of this lush river are verdant jungles and charming little villages, typical of locations in Cinnamon Magazine this magnificent river is and will be a source of irrigation for many communities along its course.


State of Gujarat - India

Popular for its production of salt and cotton the State of Gujarat is a region of immense beauty and stunning views. Home to Mahatma Gandhi the father of India, this state offers salubrious climes and mountainous regions to explore.


The Maldives

An archipelago of a 1,200 islands formed amidst the 26 coral atolls the nation of Maldives is spread across the Indian Ocean. Home to heavenly white sand beaches, glistening bays and a myriad of sea life this is a popular destination for honeymooners, sun worshipers and water sports enthusiasts.


Sri Lanka

A beautiful island sitting at the base of India; Sri Lanka is a paradise nation home to a very diverse eco system. The golden sand beaches are marvellous sanctuaries for sun, sand and sea allures while the wildlife reserves in the dry zone offer one an experience equal to an African safari. Head into the hills and you will encounter misty mountains, chilly weather and ancient culture.


Bangkok - Thailand

Bangkok is the iconic Asian destination for shopping, dining and entertainment. Serviced by the Chao Phraya River once called the 'river of kings' since it was the main throughway to reach destination within and outside the city. Bangkok is a fine amalgamation of serene environs and modern attractions.


Komodo Island – Indonesia

The islands strongest feature is the deep blue sea and exotic collection of marine life. Such is its allure that many regard the place as a mecca for divers. The island is home to and named after the huge Komodo Dragons or lizards that live there.

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