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05 Extraordinary Places you should be Visiting in Bali – A Land of Magical Allures

Bali dubbed the Island of Gods is indeed a spectacular kaleidoscope of adventure and experience. This list deals with lesser known places that are the real gems of beautiful Bali.


The Secret and Sacred Canyon of Sukawati

This incredible canyon is located close to Pura Beji Guwang in Sukawati. The place is known to inspire and awe all visitors due to its sheer beauty. This is natures all natural masterpiece that must be experienced to be appreciated. Discovering the canyon is like stumbling upon a secret drawing that when carefully analysed seems to hide within its folds a crying skull and other faces amongst which some have seen a lion. The walls are festooned with layers of multi-coloured rock while in between the gorge is a little stream which you can wade along until it gets too deep. Do check out the place and decide for yourself.


Peguyangan Waterfall

Located on Nusa Penida this is not a single cascade waterfall; instead, it is a beautiful collection of short tiered cascades that originate from springs. These cascades make their way over a sheer ravine to eventually meet the sea. Before the ravine, the falls create a kind of private spa where one can enjoy an exhilarating soak and relaxing time amidst the gushing waters of the rock pools snuggled amidst the rock formations. To reach the pool one needs to descend a series of steep stairs on the face of the ravine; it's well worth the effort though for from the infinite pool one can enjoy gorgeous views across the blue horizon.


Climb the High Cliffs of Melasti Beach in Ungasan

A beach that is hardly known by many tourists is, in fact, one of the most stunning on the island. Making it down the cliff to Melasti Beach will reward you with picture perfect views of the gorgeous area. Stunning cliffs and artistic rock formations are yours to admire here while bird's eye views of the surrounding area are to be appreciated. Mind you do not mix up Melasti Beach with the similarly known one near famous Tanah Lot. The review here is Ungasan Melasti Beach.


The Angels Billabong

Similar to a getaway cherished at one of the luxury Bali hotels this spot is one of Nusa Penidas best-kept secrets. Angels Billabong is a natural infinity pool that boasts crystal clear emerald waters. Absolutely stunning the floor of this Billabong exudes greenish hues and contrary to what you may perceive is not slippery and is easy to walk on. The place can entice just about anyone and is most likely one of the most beautiful formations in Bali. Enjoy chasing these stunning locations with Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas.


Discover Secret Gardens in Sambangan

The village of Sambangan is hidden within the northern corner of Bali and other than for a few smart tourists and the locals no one knows that paradise is found there. The 'Secret Garden' as it is called, is a collection of stunning jungles and waterfalls. The place comprises of glistening pools formed between boulders, cascading waterfalls and lush Balinese rainforests.

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