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Top 5 Water Sports in Maldives – Thrills and Exhilaration on the Waters

The idyllic Maldives Islands have become known as a premier vacation destination. Visitors will also have the opportunity to engage in a number of exciting water sports, like those described below.



Snorkelling is a simple and uncomplicated water sport that almost any visitor to the Maldives will have the opportunity to enjoy. If you know the basics of swimming you will have the opportunity to don your mask and fins and head into the waters. Snorkelling will provide visitors with the chance to experience the mesmerising undersea environment of the Maldives at first hand, which is sure to be a memorable experience. If you are a proficient snorkeler you will be able to admire the numerous creatures that make their home beneath the waters. You may have the luck to spot creatures like dolphins, reef sharks, rays, corals, hawksbill turtles, napoleon wrasse, moray eels, many kinds of fish and so on.



The adrenaline-inducing sport of waterskiing is sure to appeal to the visitor who craves thrills and excitement. There can be no better environment in which to enjoy this exciting water sport than the sunny Maldives Islands with their picturesque natural scenery and pleasant tropical climate. Although waterskiing may not be the easiest water sport to learn, once you have gained some skill in the activity it will provide you with hours of exhilarating fun on the waters. The lovely lagoons of the Maldives will delight the water-skier with their shimmering clear sapphire waters which present a lovely sight for the visitor.



Windsurfing is another enjoyable water sport that provides a distinctive thrill which is quite unlike the sensation of any other water activity. The feeling of harnessing the power of the winds and gliding across the gleaming waters of the Maldives is sure to be an unforgettable experience. If you are a novice in this water sport you will have the opportunity to gain expert advice from a friendly instructor who will assist you to take your first steps in this splendid water activity. On the other hand, if you are an expert windsurfer you will be able to choose a board and sail of your liking and head out into the waters.



The exhilarating water sport of kitesurfing will undoubtedly appeal to the thrill-seeker as it provides the invigorating excitement that has made it increasingly popular around the world. In the Maldives, you will have the opportunity to glide serenely across the lagoons beneath the inviting sunny skies, with the refreshing sea breezes and the gleaming waters for company. In fact, the Maldives Islands will be an excellent place to learn the art of kitesurfing as the conditions will be favourable for trying out this splendid water activity. More experienced kitesurfers will be able to try out stylish tricks and jumps. A choice of accommodation that you could consider from where you will be able to try out kitesurfing and other water sports would be Naladhu Private Island Maldives, which may be regarded as one of the attractively located Maldives island resorts.


Banana Boating

The enticing water sport of banana boating is sure to appeal to the fun-loving visitor to the Maldives. The banana boat is an inflated craft that is towed by a powerful motor boat. Riders sit astride the banana boat and try to hold on as the pilot of the motor boat guns the engine and takes exciting twists and turns. This experience is usually hilarious and enjoyable as the riders glide through the shimmering waters whilst the craft takes unexpected directions according to the wishes of the pilot. Almost anyone can enjoy banana boat rides as no specialised skills are required.