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05 Attractions in Bentota – Happening Beach Resort Town

Bentota is 62kms from the commercial capital Colombo; the most popular of all southern resort towns this place is easily reached from lovely seaside cities such as Kalutara. Here are the top attractions.


Galapata Vihara

This historical temple dates back to the 12th century and is believed to have been built by one of the great kings of Sri Lanka, Parakramabahu. This king was responsible for building up the ancient kingdom of Polonnaruwa and installing the mighty water tanks that even to this day help with irrigation. Hence the temple is an impressive structure; for instance, there is a maze of underground tunnels there that connect the rest of the area's temples. If you are in the vicinity on a full moon poya day in the month of January do pay the abode a visit and take part in the festival and procession that is held to commemorate the Buddha's visit to the island.


Sea Turtle Sanctuary

There are plenty of sea turtle hatcheries along the southern coast, as such guests at Anantara Kalutara Resort will find that in less than half an hour they can reach the nearest sea turtle hatchery. There one can witness the enormous effort put into the conservation of the island's sea turtle population. Eggs are carefully gathered incubated and hatched. After which they are released back to sea once ready. These activities taking place at night and often attract the attention of visitors who are encouraged to participate. The hatcheries are also sanctuaries to maimed and deformed turtles who are permanent residents while sea turtles in all stages of growth can be viewed at the projects.


Chill on Bentota Beach

Bentota Beach is a large sandy embankment of many pleasures. There one can soak up the sun, laze the day away and swim in the warm Indian Ocean. Bentota River and the Madu River are just as attractive with many a luxury hotel Sri Lanka has to offer to promote excursions on these waterways. Most tourists appreciating the laid-back beach vibes of nearby cities such as Kalutara tend to book the popular boat tours which take one across the verdant rivers. Dotted with little islets and stone outcrops the rivers are also home to exotic wildlife and mangrove forests which form verdant tunnels through which the boats pass.


Water Sports in Bentota

Bentota as a popular and vibrant resort offers the latest in water sports facilities. The party central of the southern belt this resort is ideal for a day's visit when you are up for some action. Enjoy banana boating, water skiing, jet skiing, paragliding, wind surfing and much more around Bentota Beach. Well serviced by a number of aquatic clubs the area has plenty of windsurfing and jet skiing schools for novices interested in the sports.


Relish the Night Life

As stated before Bentota is a party central and does offer a good collection of restaurants and nightclubs for one to experience on a night out. Plenty of dining options such as seafood, local and international cuisine are available while beachside cafes offer live entertainment and dining on the sandy beach.