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Impex Stone – Giving every home a Stylish Touch with Natural Stone

Impex Stone is counted as one of the most reliable firms when it comes to buying wood siding, natural stones, decorative stones, and briquettes. This is a privately owned company, which has created a different place amongst customers by offering exceptional products at reasonable prices.

5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Natural Stone Today!

Natural stone is the most likeable material when it comes to beautifying the decor of your home. From years, people are using these stones to modify their homes, offices, and other spaces. And, what makes it perfect for your home is the uniqueness and beauty that comes with installing it.

Impex Stone Want Your Home to Be Stylish with Bricks

If you haven’t thought of installing decorative bricks for your home interiors, now is the best time to take the plunge. Decorative brick walls are one of a kind. It makes any room chic and classy—something that excites the senses and heightens the mood. Impex Stones has a great collection of genuine bricks to fit any budget and design needs.

A Quick Guide to Clean Kitchen's Decorative Bricks

Cleaning decorative bricks wall efficiently is important in areas prone to spills, dirt, and grease. If you plan to apply waterproofing sealant on your bricks, you must thoroughly clean the surface first. Any stains left on the brick will make it appear darker once the sealant is applied. Here’s how you can keep that kitchen back splash fresh and spotless.

It’s time to reap the benefits of having natural wood sidings

To improve the look of your home, choose natural wood sidings for your walls. It’s made of real wood—cut and designed into thin and lightweight wood veneer for easy and less expensive installation process. Anyone with basic carpentry skills can learn how to install them.

Types of Concrete Products for Home Interior in 2018

Taking on a home renovation project can be overwhelming. The task is even more challenging if you’re still in the process of building the home of your dreams. You can easily get stuck in the moment of choosing the best materials. If you have never inquired with a concrete product supplier before, here are some of the materials you can ask from them.

Impex Stone-The Largest Importer of Diverse and High Quality Siding Materials

The best place to look for amazing wall sidings and concrete products is none other than, Impex Stones. The private-licensed company has been around since 2005. It’s expertise in choosing quality bricks and stones has only gotten stronger after more than 15 years of serving clients in different walks of life. Trust the experts from Impex Stones and don’t forget to check their huge collection of wood sidings, decorative stone, natural stone, decorative bricks, leather tiles, and many other unique and innovative products for home interiors.

It’s time to reap the benefits of having natural wood veneer

To improve the look of your home, choose natural wood veneer for your walls. It’s made of real wood—cut and designed into thin and lightweight veneers for easy and less expensive installation process. Anyone with basic carpentry skills can learn how to install them.

Tips to Remember Before Painting Decorative Bricks

Brick is a wonderful choice to lend a timeless, “earthy” look to any interior or exterior. Installing decorative brick is one of the easiest solutions to a boring wall or an outdated-looking fireplace. Thanks to its excellent durability, fire resistance and insulation properties. Here are few important tips to remember before painting decorative bricks.

Learn what natural stones can do to your home

Do you have an eye for contemporary design? If yes, then stone walls are perfect for your interiors. Now that you don’t need to spend thousands to install natural stones in your walls, take advantage of the many benefits it can bring.

Differentiating Natural Wood Veneers from Engineered Wood and Laminates

Despite the sustainability of wood as a building material, new and improved materials are still being developed to serve specific purposes. Structural and budgetary reasons are some of the main factors that drive the production of many wood-based products. Veneers, composites, and laminated materials are produced as solid wood alternatives. Both wood veneers and laminates are used to provide a more interesting and attractive decorative surface to indoor structures. Although they work similarly, they have different properties, cost, and maintenance, to name a few. It’s important to distinguish one from the other, so you can choose the right product for your projects.

Understanding Natural Wood Veneer and its Applications

Natural Wood Veneer is a type of overlay decorative surface made by cutting a very thin layer of the finest appearance of wood. In contrast to solid wood, which is the sawn log itself, veneers are obtained by peeling the tree trunk or cutting rectangular blocks of wood to create thin slices using a slicing machine. So, if you can make four pieces of solid wood from one log, you can make tens or hundreds of wood veneers from the same log. This makes wood veneers more advantageous in preserving resources than solid wood.

The importance of proper lighting on natural stone walls

Don’t underestimate the power of creative lighting ideas to enhance the look of your stone wall. Whether you want to accentuate the unique texture of your walls or create a dramatic effect, a simple lighting fixture can do the job with ease. But don’t be afraid to showcase your imaginative flair.

Reasons Why People Like Decorative Brick

One of the challenges in interior designing and decorating is to keep up with the ever-changing trends. The popular design pattern of the month may seem pass over the course of a year, by which new patterns will emerge or reappear. While it may be difficult to incorporate a trend that won’t go outdated, there are some style declarations that last longer than others — and it’s none other than the exposed brick wall. The interesting texture and stunning colour of decorative brick are pushing homeowners to include them in their home improvement bucket list.

4 Most commonly used Natural Stones in Interior & Exterior

You don’t need to be a millionaire to build a stylish and elegant dream house. The simple yet stunning beauty of stone siding has been enough to make your home interiors envy-worthy. Even the simplest design can transform your boring interior. There are various types of natural stones to choose from for the interior and exterior of your home.

Impex Stone—helping clients build their dream home since 2005

The market is saturated with numerous wall siding products, and choosing the best ones can be a daunting task. The people behind Impex Stone are ready to help you—not only in choosing the best natural stone, decorative bricks, laminated sheets or wood siding—but in assessing the type of materials you really need in your home. Not all cladding materials are created equal and not knowing what suits your home can cause headaches in the long run.

Authentic Products Guaranteed: That’s the Impex Stones Promise

Their collection has a wide range of siding materials that will definitely cover all your needs. They have been operating since 2005, importing natural stone veneers, decorative bricks, Lamstone natural stones laminate, wood siding, and other concrete products. The long years of experience strengthened their expertise and fortified the bond they have with their customers.

The Benefits of Installing Lightweight Concrete Siding

Pre-moulded concrete panels and tiles are another addition to a vast number of siding materials you can choose from. It often comes in different shades of Gray, but customised varieties can be dyed or stained to suit your design needs. Lightweight concrete products from Impex Stone are best used indoors. Concrete siding can easily blend into whatever style you have in mind.

Choose decorative stone if you want sophistication and affordability

This cladding material is a great alternative to wood, stucco, and other high maintenance wall sidings. Decorative stone veneers are very affordable without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. The hardest part is choosing the design that you want. Newer decorative stone are considerably lighter and thinner, so it’s easy to install them yourself.

Keep Your Stone Veneer Beautiful With These Simple Tips

There’s no doubt that natural stone can add beauty and elegance to any property. Recent stone veneer products are now made thinner and more lightweight. Adding natural stone can be a simple and effective way to improve and update a home's appearance. Proper caring and maintenance will keep them in pristine condition for the years to come.

Do you want something durable and low maintenance? Choose decorative stone

Just like natural quarried stone, decorative stones are durable, resistant, and pleasing to the eye. What you wouldn’t have is its robust and bulky profile that makes installation difficult. You will also have to say goodbye to high cost and maintenance. The beauty and flexibility of decorative stone aim to satisfy even the most distinguished taste.

Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Home's Value With Natural Stone

Remodeling your home using natural stone is fun & fulfilling. The simple yet stunning beauty of stone veneer siding is enough to make your home interiors envy-worthy. To incorporate natural stone wall in enhancing your home interior, consider the following tips and tricks.

8 Easy Steps for the Installation of 3D Wood Sidings!

People love to beautify their house with trending interiors and exteriors. And when it comes to beautiful wall sidings, how can we miss to describe 3D Wood Sidings! The experts at Impex Stone has brought an installation guide for you that will surely impress and make you choose Wood Siding for your home interiors. Here in this video you can find 8 easy steps To find more details visit :

Impex Stone—DIY-Friendly Products for Home Renovations

If you think you don’t have the right skills for installing brickwork, think again. Impex Stone is a private licensed company that has been pioneering the use of no-fuss installation siding materials for typical homeowners like you. Natural stones are beautiful and timeless, but it’s too difficult to install by unskilled individuals. By providing modern materials that are lightweight and thin, Impex Stone are able to solve that dilemma for DIY aficionados or those who are simply in a limited budget and time constraint.

Different ways to transform your home with wall sidings

The right siding can dramatically boost your home's appearance. Sidings are attachments that can be added to the walls of your home. Find the perfect siding look for your home! Here are some common types of wall siding options like natural stones, decorative stone, bricks and metal tiles that you can use to transform your home.

Top 5 Siding Trends For Your Home in 2018

All the different siding options can be overwhelming, so here are some tips for you to select the best siding for your home. The right siding can dramatically boost your home's appearance. Whether you prefer to install them yourself or hire a contractor to do the job, here are some of the popular types of siding for home interiors. Since more and more homeowners want to get involved in home improvement projects, the interest for siding or cladding materials are increasing.