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Updated by Ian Jones on Dec 18, 2017
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Ultimate list of Kelloo resource planning blog articles you MUST READ!

Ultimate list of best blog posts from the Kelloo resource planning blog. The most amazing source for articles, tips and best practice for resource planning, resource scheduling, project management and project office professionals. Let us know which are your favourites!


6 resource planning myths debunked. The must see article for people thinking about implementing a resource planning p...

Thinking of implementing resource planning software but not convinced. Check out this post which debunks six common resource planning myths.

Resource planning tips and best practice. A must have read for every resource planning professional.

What are the essential resource planning best practices you need to adopt to get your resource planning process running like a dream. This post covers them all!

What is resource planning? Still unsure about the differences between resource planning, resource scheduling and proj...

Confused about resource planning? How does it differ to project planning? Well check out this blog post for answers!

New to Kelloo? Then these videos are a must watch to help get you started.

Training videos for the Kelloo resource planning software.

Find out how Bob solved his resource planning headaches. A fun video explaining how Kelloo can save you from resource...

Bob was having a bad day, in fact a bad week. He was struggling with his organisations resource planning - until he found Kelloo.

IT resource planning challenges

Article exploring the challenges IT organisations face when doing IT resource planning.

Confused about the differences between resource planning and capacity planning? This guide has all the answers!

Explore the differences between capacity planning and resource planning. The ultimate guide!

What is resource capacity planning? The Kelloo ultimate guide to resource planning answers this common question and m...

Part one of our ultimate guide to resource capacity planning answers the common question "what is resource capacity planning".

What are the benefits of resource capacity planning, Part 2 of our Ultimate Guide To Capacity planning has all the an...

Without effective resource capacity planning resources can end up working on the wrong projects and organisations will commit to projects they cannot deliver with the resources on hand. Part 2 of our Ultimate Guide To Capacity Planning explores the benefits organisations gain if they implement a resource planning process.

Shortage of resource is no excuse for project failure

Lack of resource is often cited as a reason for project failure. However we think it is just down to poor resource planning practices. Read more in our blog post.

Resource planning health-check

Take our resource planning health-check and find areas for improvement. Part 3 of our Ultimate Guide to Resource Planning explores the traits of organizations who excel at resource management.

Resource planning software process

Most organizations have too many projects and not enough resources.

However, without an effective resource capacity planning process you will end up committing to projects you cannot deliver, under-utilize your resources and allocate resources to the wrong projects.

In part four of our Ultimate Guide To Resource Capacity Planning, we explain the resource capacity planning process in depth. This article is essential reading for organizations looking to implement or improve their resource planning.