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Updated by Christopher Ault on Aug 25, 2017
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Facts about Divorce in Utah

Divorce can incur significant injury on your life. It's both physically and candidly requesting. This is the reason you should look for proficient help to make procedure smoother. Regardless of whether through advising, nearby care groups, or enlisting a Salt lake City Divorce lawyer you will have the assets you have to begin your new life once again.

Facts about divorce in Utah

Facts about divorce in Utah - Why hiring a Salt lake City divorce attorney is so essential to the outcome of your divorce case. Call us at 801-539-9000.


when one spouse fails to honor the custodial rights of the other, it is vital to seek representation from a Salt Lake City joint custody attorney that can protect and fight for your rights. contact Salt Lake City joint custody attorney Christopher M. Ault and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

Same-Sex Couples and Adoption

The only way to get the upperhand during the adoption process is to hire a Salt Lake City adoption attorney. Knowing your rights and opportunities can be difficult especially when making a life changing decision like adopting. A Salt Lake City adoption lawyer is equipped with the tools to help you through the adoption process and protect your adoptive rights as future parents.

Back Child Support Lists

Utah has various laws in place to enforce payment of child support to avoid such high amounts. A Salt Lake City enforcement attorney can help get that back child support and ensure your child’s needs are being considered. Interest is not charged on child support payments. Utah works hard to enforce child support laws and keep children in healthy environments.

I Don’t Want to be Married. Is a Common Law Marriage an Option?

That is where a Salt Lake City common law attorney comes into play. They can help when things are still roses and butterflies to ensure that when the roses die and the butterflies fade away you can both move on with your lives successfully. Ault Legal can help with issues concerning child support, child custody, military benefits along with the division of assets and property.

Infidelity Higher Among Older Couples

Due to the increasing numbers of infidelity among seniors and older Americans, there has also been a sharp increase in divorce rates. Divorce does not discriminate. It can happen to couples regardless of age. Important issues related to divorces, such as child custody, alimony and the division of assets and property. Salt Lake City divorce attorney Christopher M. Ault understands the challenges and obstacles facing those going through the divorce Contact him now.

Baseball Superstar Aaron Judge-The Latest Adoption Success Story

Adoption can sometimes be a complicated process. It is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney on your side. If you are looking for adoption contact Salt Lake City adoption attorney Christopher M. Ault, he has helped many couples realize their dreams of adopting a child.


As an experienced Salt Lake City children & divorce attorney, AultLegal priority is to look after the best interests of each client and to make sure their children are placed in the best position for a bright future.If you are a parent going through divorce in Salt Lake City, it is important to select an attorney with a track record for looking after the best interest of their clients and the welfare of their children.

Salt Lake City Child Support Attorney help you in a Complex Child Support Case

This is unprecedented and has caused a worldwide commotion. This is a big job for a Salt Lake City child support attorney. A child support attorney in Salt Lake City will argue with the court that the DNA test is sufficient enough to excuse him of having to pay child support for a child that is not his. A child support attorney will need to fight tooth and nail in this case since the state does not seem to want to budge. If you find yourself in a complex child support case, contact the Ault Firm to discuss your options.

What If My Ex Spouse Violates Their Child Visitation Privileges?

If your former spouse is abusing their child visitation privileges, it can become extremely frustrating. There may not be anything you can do on your own. The first solution is to seek legal counsel from an experienced Salt Lake City visitation attorney. contact the law offices of The Ault Firm and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Is It Time To Change Your Divorce Decree?

Whether it is child custody, alimony or child support, sooner or later you may need to make changes to your divorce decree. Having a divorce modification attorney on your side is an invaluable investment. attorney Christopher M. Ault has successfully helped many clients achieve the modifications needed to move on with their lives.

Can Divorce Mediation Save Your Marriage?

Ask any Salt Lake City family law attorney and they can tell you hundreds of stories about why couples file for divorce. As an experienced family law attorney, Christopher M. Ault understands many of the challenges and obstacles facing many couples in the troubled marriages. In addition to his duties as a Salt Lake City divorce attorney, he also provides mediation services for couples seeking solutions.

Is There Such a Thing as Good Divorce?

Many people enter marriage without placing enough thought or preparation into what will be a lifelong commitment. When a marriage goes bad, it is easy to point fingers and assign blame. Take the first step to resolving your family law issues. Contact The Ault Firm and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Can I Afford a Divorce?

The first important step is to seek representation from an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional with a track record of protecting the rights of each client and looking after their best interests. Talk to any Salt Lake City divorce attorney and there is a common theme. Christopher M. Ault understands the financial challenges and obstacles those who are going through a divorce face on a daily basis.