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05 Things to Do in and Around Pattaya – Discover and Enjoy

Pattaya is a mix of experiences and attractions. Treat the foodie in you at delicious cafes or explore the holistic confines of ancient temples while exploring nearby islands are just fabulous.


Let Out your Fun Side at the Theme Parks

Pattaya is home to an array of theme parks. The Cartoon Network Amazon Park is the world's first cartoon themed park and it is located in Pattaya. Adults and kids will love the 5 huge water attractions together with the 9 themed shows held daily. Slip and slide with the Power Puff Girls and have enormous fun with the likes of Jake from Adventure Time. There are endless choices of mega slides and chutes and tunnels to choose from while cabanas for families to take a break at as well as a spa for parents is simply icing on the cake.


Thai Thani Art and Cultural Village

Taking you back in time, this traditional Thai Village style theme park is perfect for all you culture buffs. Wander the streets lined with traditional Thai architectural designs and historical artefacts. Throughout the day a range of traditional dances and performances are held while one should not miss the Khan Tok dinner hosted every evening. You can even take fruit carving lessons, learn the art of Thai cooking and even try your hand at playing a traditional instrument.


Bathe in Neon Waters

Just and hours' drive from Pattaya is Bang Saen Beach which is home to a myriad of plankton blooms which at night take on a bluish glow. This bioluminescent plankton offers an ethereal nature to the beach at night. An evasive technique that's used to avoid predators the plankton when disturbed produce the luminescent glow with a rather fishy smell, making the phenomenon amazing to look at and maybe not so conducive for swimming in. The best time to witness this phenomenon is at the end of the year closer to winter. Easy to reach from your Pattaya beach resort the docks and shores of Bang Saen Beach are where you will see the plankton. If you are up for a night swim try disturbing the plankton yourself and enjoy the thrill of swimming in blue glowing water.


Grand Canyon Chonburi for Those Instagram Moments

About an hour's drive from AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa is this gorgeous region. Virtually undiscovered by tourists this beautiful canyon will have those cameras clicking to maximum; the place is in fact quite famous on Instagram. A beautiful emerald pool between the mountains is visible from the lookout point although exploration of the area is restricted due to the Grand Canyon being within the private property in what used to be a functioning quarry. Within the same area is Snow Mountain; it is not real snow since Thailand does not have a snowfall. Snow Mountain is covered in fine white stone which many believe to be the residue from the mining process that took place; either way, it's a fine crunchy medium on which to trek.


Visit the Pattaya Sheep Farm - One for the Children

An ideal family entertainment location the Pattaya Sheep Farm is going strong since its opening in 2013. The place is very popular amongst families with little kids who enjoy interacting with the cute and cuddly baby sheep. Adult sheep and cute lambs are not the only attraction, as the place is home to piglets, ponies, and some birds; best of all it's an extremely affordable and fun venue to spend half a day at.

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