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05 Things to Know About Khon Kaen – Authentic Thai City

Popular as the heart of Isaan Region Khon Kaen is not your typical Thai city. One of the nation's largest and a top business venue this city has loads of character. Here are a few interesting facts.


About the City

The city is located on the east side of the same named Khon Kaen Province. The place is popular as a hub for education, transport and business in the Isaan Region. Hence most travellers in the city are either passing through, catching one of the transport options to other regions or are visiting on business. It a pity though for Khon Kaen as a rather large Thai city that is not tourist oriented has much to offer the discerning tourist. Hence a few days stay comes highly recommended; even if you are a business guest at AVANI Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre; take a few days off to explore and learn.


Population and Education

The population of Khon Kaen is estimating at around 200,000 to 400,000 varying according to each source, but the bottom line is this is one of Thailand's largest and most populated cities. Khon Kaen University is the largest in the northeast region with an enrollment of 25,000 in the last count. The Consulates of Vietnam and Laos are both located here for travellers boarding the international buses to obtain the required visa to places such Vientiane.


Modernity and Tradition within the City

Khon Kaen is quite a modern city with skyscrapers boasting a total of 30 floors standing amongst top shopping malls and international hotel chains. In fact, the best hotel Khon Kaen has to offer will belong to a top international chain. When you are not browsing the lavish malls and eateries head over to the north side of town where a few traditional vintage wooden houses are up for viewing. Enjoy a relaxing sojourn around the precincts of Bueng Kaen Nakhon Lake; a lovely tree-lined stretch that many relish for its serene ambience.


Khon Kaen's Iconic Attractions

The city gets its name from an ancient chedi, the Phra That Kham Kaen which was built under a tamarind tree that according to legend sprang up miraculously from an old stump, once a statue of the Buddha was placed there. The chedi is located 20kms from the city. Other attractions include the Phu Wiang National Park where archaeologists have discovered evidence of the region once being home to dinosaurs. Many fossils and skeletons have been uncovered including a skeleton scientist believe to be an ancestor to the ferocious T-Rex.


Communities of Khon Kaen

The city has a fine amalgamation of communities that consist of Chinese Thais, Lao/Isaan Thais and Indian Thais or Sikhs. The latter are popular for their stalls selling a beguiling array of fabrics in the downtown district. This vibrant cauldron of cultures offers one many attraction and experiences to savour in a city that is yet to be discovered for its charm and soul.

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