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05 Activities to Do in Deira Dubai – A Paradise Destination for Travel

Dubai's Deira region has evolved into a mecca for tourism, offering fabulous shopping, dining and entertainment together with top notch historical attractions taking you back in time. Listed are a few


Be Dazzled by the Gold Souks

The Gold Souk is located in the district of Al Dhagaya and is a marvellous experience even if you are not buying heaps of gold. The variety though of jewellery there is quite stunning and it's hard to walk away without even a single purchase. Items range from intricately carved rings and necklaces to full body armour of solid gold. The dazzling array is just right for those of you looking for bridal jewellery, gifts for loved ones or even your personal collection. Definitely, one of the best things to do in Deira Dubai a scout of the glittering Gold Souk comes highly recommended. Open from 10 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 10 pm the souk operates Monday to Sunday.


Enjoy the Fragrant Realms of the Spice Souk

A fragrant bazaar to explore the Spice Souk is a fabulous location for all food aficionados. Stock up on exotic spices to add flavour, body and aroma to your dishes. Located a few feet from the Deira Old Souq Arab Station it's just 12 minutes for guests at AVANI Deira Dubai Hotel this market offers all the flavours of an ancient Arabic market. Available are all manner of dried herbs, frankincense and medicinal plants. Ideal for a taste of Dubai that is free from modern commercialisation the Spice Souk is a beautiful precinct displaying colourful fragrant products that promise to turn your meals into delightful dishes. Open from Saturday to Thursday the bazaar trades between 4 to 10 pm and 9 am to 10 pm only on Fridays.


Fly Like a Bird with Seawings

Seawings deal with aerial sightseeing around Dubai and Abu Dhabi via a seaplane. Enjoy the on-water take off and 360-degree bird's eye views of cosmopolitan Dubai and its glistening coastline. Relish sights of the city's architectural marvels, modern buildings built to impress and the rustic desert punctuated with shifting sand dunes. The flights are also available for private charters to many destinations across the UAE while you can also on destinations you desire to explore.


Check out Bait Al Banat – Women's Museum

A museum that pays homage to prominent women playing an important role in the Arab world, the Bait al Banat Museum is located around the Gold Souk of Deira Dubai. Each floor has unique displays like the one dedicated to female artists in the Emirates. Themes are constantly changing while the works of the prominent artist are displayed alongside up and coming local artists. The second floor is chock full of books, research archives and reads that any intellectual mind will appreciate. The main aim of the museum is to honour the female role within a region that has for many ages' oppressed females. Open from Saturday to Thursday from 10 am to 7 pm this is a marvellous initiative that deserves much applause.


Explore Heritage House

This is a courtyard house built in 1890 by a rich pearl merchant; open to the public the place is perfect for culture buffs to observe traditional décor and lifestyles of a bygone era. Observe the large verandas covered by gypsum and coral structures that skilfully block out the rays of the sun. Check out the elaborate kitchen, majlis which is the meeting room and understand the foundation on which the Arab family established their daily routines.

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