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5 Things to Do During Your Holiday in Bentota - Make the Most of Your Holidays!

Bentota is a popular beach destination in Sri Lanka, with a spectacular beach front, a scenic lagoon, and loads of hospitality. While enjoying the beach is a must, here are a few other things to do.


Madu Ganga River Safari

The Madu Ganga wetland is essentially a vast ecosystem of mangroves forests, and is considered to be the last remaining untouched mangrove forest in the island. Enjoy a river safari and explore an area that is home to a multitude of species, both plants and animals. Weave through the tangles vines and sit back to watch monkeys eating fruit, colourful birds like kingfishers and cormorants catching fish in the rich waters, or monitor lizards gliding through the waters. There are around 64 islets around the river, and tour boats will usually stop at a couple along the way. One island is home to a Buddhist monastery, where centuries old books, made from palm leaves can still be viewed. Another island is home to a family run cinnamon plantation, where visitors are taught the traditional way of harvesting the exotic spice.


Water Sports

Once you mange to pull yourself away from the luxuries of your Bentota resort, it's time to hit the beach and enjoy some thrilling water sports along the coast. Bentota is famous for its multiple water sport options, thanks to the beach and lagoon. From windsurfing, to wakeboarding or banana boat rides, this town has them all. With several operators catering to several kinds of water sports in town, it is not too difficult to find exactly what you want. Adventure sports on the lagoon draw large crowds as jet skis whiz past or speed boats roar by, waves splashing as they go. There is so much fun to be had, with so many options available.


Sea Turtle Conservation Project

A short drive south of Bentota is the town of Kosgoda, where you will find the Sea Turtle Conservation Project. Visitors can learn all about these endangered sea creatures, and watch as the turtles are rescued and treated before being released back into the open sea. The most popular area is the hatchery, where turtle eggs which have been rescued, can hatch in safety away from predators, before they are released. The project also help's to clean and maintain the surrounding beaches to ensure that turtles are not affected by pollution, and continue to visit this vital nesting ground.



A short drive from Ventura Beach, the location of most resorts like the AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa, will take you to the the former country home of Sri Lanka's most famous architect, Geoffrey Bawa. Situated on the banks of the Dedduwa Lake, the Lunugana Estate is a sprawling 15 acre property, best known for its tropical landscaped garden. It was the desire to do more with the estate that led Bawa, a qualified lawyer, to study architecture. Lunuganga remained his muse throughout his life, and it was here that he continued to experiment with new designs and spaces until his death. The estate is now open to the public for viewing, and parts of the house are used as a boutique hotel.


Walking Trail around Bentota

Get a glimpse of life among locals as you walk through picturesque paddy fields in a typical village setting. Head up to the highest point in Bentota to see the 125 year old Buddhist temple, Katukolihtemple. An ancient temple was designed with intricate wooden and terracotta carvings, that are definitely worth seeing, and the high view point provides panoramic views over the Bentota.