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Blogged Books

Later Bloomers: 35 People Over Age 35 Who Found Passion and Purpose

Are you a late-blooming adult? Do you feel that life has passed you by? Not so! At my blog, I write about people who followed their dreams at midlife and beyond.

Most are over age 50. Some are famous, some are not. Did you know that Bram Stoker, Jules Verne, John Muir, Charles Darwin, and Julia Child all began their pursuits later in life?

I've collected more than 180 lives and the first 35 are available on Kindle. I started blogging at age 50 myself. In the garden of life, a “late"-blooming flower blossoms right on time!

Real Food Revival Plan — how to lose weight, feel great & save the world – one bite at a time

Olympics blasted for giving vast adverts to fast food joints. That's their legacy - but what will yours be? Fake foods - or the real thing?

Vital Vocation — how to find or create your dream job

how to find or create your dream job


I have decided to write a memoir. I have taken myself on some fantastic journeys that I really wanted to write about. However, when I tried to start the only place that seemed logical was the sexual abuse I suffered as a child. Don't worry, I move on.

theseAREwordstoLIVEby - Home

You are invited to join me as I unveil and reveal 11 magical sets of words that will inspire you to create a life of love, happiness and well-being.


Pilgrims at Penney Farm

Pilgrims at Penney Farm

Our model for learning about Nature firsthand

Born in My Heart: A Bittersweet Adoption Memoir

When Lynn became the birth coach for a drug addict, little did she know it would result in two daughters...

A Slice of Faith - Huntington-Belle Haven, VA Patch

"A Slice to Faith" is a new blog that recounts dramatic moments from the author's life and offers positive reflections on how faith helped the author move on.

Do What You Love: How to Live Your Dreams Starting Today

Do What You Love with the help of a tested 28-day program. Find out what you really love and start living your dream lifestyle from now on. Blogged book by Mary Eve Boudreault, sociologist and author of Do What You Love Journey website. Starting doing what we love under a month is amazingly possible; this book, the 1st draft written in a month with the Write Non-Fiction Month challenge, is a sure proof of it. Enjoy!

Jillian Godsil | writing my way out of trouble

Jillian Godsil became divorced. Her ex husband became bankrupt and she was left with a million euro mortgage on a house worth half that. This is her story about being in the middle.

Orgasmo by Donald O'Donovan

My autobiographical novel Orgasmo chronicles my disastrous attempt to quit writing forever and pursue the American Dream.

Creating Craft | A Guide to Designing Original Pieces

Are you one of those crafters who would like to move into original work, but weren't sure how? This book offers a creative process to start you off, with hints and tips on designing your own projects. Written by award-winning fiber artist Tien Chiu.

Slug Opera

Book two in the Space Slugs series is currently being blogged. Book one was also a blog serial and can be found in the blog tabs. ;)




Somaya is living in a World of Poverty but in order for her to survive she has to leave all she knows behind and thats her Family! The Life she was chosen into. She is the chosen few who gets an offer from the Governor to work and fight for their country a chance to create a stability for everyone mainly for her. This is not something her husband Artie is happy with and he doesn't want her to go and leave him and their two children behind. This is a Chance of Somaya's lifetime a Dream she always longed for! If she follows her Heart will it be fulfilling to where she would want this Life forever? Or When she comes back will her family still be there? Somaya's Life is on the Line.

Busting Your Corporate Idol: How To Reconnect With Values and Regain Control Of Your Life — The Idolbuster

Company loyalty turns into idolatry when the company is prioritized above everything else in your life, including the things you hold most dear.

Alzheimer's Daughter by Jean L. Lee

Simultaneous loss of both parents, memory by memory

Kitchen Hospitality » Blog-A-Book Kitchen Southern Hospitality With Angie

Southern hospitality is centered around the kitchen. We decorate it, cook and eat in it, and entertain.

Aspie Writer: Twirling Naked in the Streets–and No-one Noticed

A blogged book: Growing up with undiagnosed autism.

Belated Mommy

A how to for those who came to parenting later. Parenting essays and resources.

Writing the Heart of Your Story

A year-long course on how novelists can write the heart of your story. Running as individual blog posts/lessons from January to December

just a story

A middle grade fiction novel for all ages. Join the elf on his quest through the crack in the wall.
(real title tba)

The Child Abused Adult

A humorous but confronting insight into a young woman's thoughts on her personal relationships and life, due to child abuse.

By Heart: internalizing music

This blog isn't so much a discussion of why one should memorize music as it is a discussion of how one can memorize.