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Updated by Swati Badoniya on Apr 26, 2018
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Mobile App Development

Augmented Reality Apps Is All Set To Change The Way You Buy

AR technology is successfully leading the customers to make an impulsive buying. The trend of shopping is changing from roaming in the malls to browsing over websites over the desktop.

How The Tiny Beacons Are Making It Big In The App Development Space - Latest News, Trends, Updates on Mobile App deve...

It was not so long ago that Apple introduced the Beacon technology in 2013. It has been just four years and the tiny devices called beacons have come a long way. These devices started at the size of an apple, but today are available as small stickers that can be applied to objects or walls. They are used in combination with corresponding mobile applications, which means that beacons work with only those mobile devices that have a specific app installed on them.

How Machine Learning Is Taking E-Commerce Apps To The Next Level

The app store presents a competitive scenario, with thousands of similar apps vying for user attention. The key to creating successful e-commerce apps lies in being different.

10 Good Reasons To Choose Mobibiz For Mobile App Development - Latest News, Trends, Updates on Mobile App development

The past few years have been transformative for the business landscape. Enterprises have come a long way, as brick-and-mortar stores were first replaced by e-commerce websites. The change took a step further with the m-commerce trend, with every online business looking to capitalize on the smartphone audience. Consequently, the demand for mobile application development has seen a huge boom in the recent times.

Futuristic Trends That Will Rule The Enterprise Mobility Space

Mobility is perhaps the biggest thing that enterprises have ever come across. A majority of businesses have adopted advanced mobility solutions and more are on the way.

Enterprise Mobility Takes A Big Leap With Wearable Technology - Latest News, Trends, Updates on Mobile App development

The last few years have seen enterprises taking the mobility route, with a rapid surge in the popularity of enterprise mobility solutions. These solutions have evolved, with the adoption of innovative technologies such as the IoT, Big Data Analytics, and most importantly, wearables. In fact, enterprise mobility has taken a huge leap with these technologies.

On-demand Home Touring Surges the Use of Real Estate Apps

The penetration of technology across the business industries has not spared the real estate market too. The real estate app development is making the businesses to operate anywhere for sales, leasing, or renting and thus escalating the ownership costs, especially in the urban sectors.

5 Good Reasons To Invest In A Progressive Web App

The choice between mobile apps and mobile web has always been a tricky one but the emergence of progressive web app has changed the equation.

5 Prominent Cross-Platform App Development Technologies

Mobibiz is a renowned app development company that uses the latest cross-platform app development technologies for creating high-quality mobile apps.

iPad Apps Captures the Market Today with its Special Features

Apple’s innovativeness is always welcomed and followed by the millennial generation of today and generation of yesteryear's. Several software companies in India and across the globe have made a great fortune through iPhone application development.

6 Essential Features That A Job Portal App Must Have

As more and more people are keen on using mobile for everyday tasks, the job marketplaces too are interested in taking the mobile route. For this reason, many of them have already invested in job portal app development while more are following suit.

10 Factors That Assure Success For Your Mobile Application

Integrating all these factors in your mobile application is a good way to make it a winner as far as the user base is concerned. You need to discuss your requirements with the mobile app development company and convey your requirements and expectations so that they can create solutions to match.

UI Design Principles That Every Mobile App Developer Needs To Know

Mobile apps are becoming part and parcel of the current business scenario because undoubtedly, the smartphone is becoming a one-stop shopping destination today. As a result, the app store is crammed with millions of apps and survival in such tough competition is a big challenge.

The 5 Most Important Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Converting an interesting theme or an idea into a mobile app seems to be a delightful and welcoming thought. But, the question arises when we are in a real fix to decide about the platform choice and…

How to Gain Success for your Mobile Commerce Application?

Mobibiz is an Indian based leading mobile app development company which offers mobile and web services at global level. We are known in the mobile industry for developing robust and scalable mobile and web solutions for a wide range of business verticals across the globe.

Factors To Consider As You Outsource iPhone App Development

the choice of an outsourcing partner is to be made with care as it directly impacts the quality and turnaround time of the product delivered. Here are the factors you should bear in mind as you outsource iPhone app development services:

Drive Value for Your Organization with Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The continuous growing interest of its implementation among the digital marketplace managers has led to popping up of several new mobile app development companies everywhere across the globe. Considering the fluidity of the enterprise mobility and its current associated benefits, the invasion of digital channels through it is high on the agenda of an organization that has a significant number of workforces outside the office premises.

10 Things That Differentiate Good Mobile Apps From The Ordinary Ones

By ensuring these key value-additions in your business app, you can get assured benefits for your enterprise. Here are the 10 things that differentiate good apps from the ordinary ones.

How Is User Experience Critical For The Success Of Your Mobile App

Mobibiz is an Indian based leading mobile app development company which offers mobile and web services at global level. We are known in the mobile industry for developing robust and scalable mobile and web solutions for a wide range of business verticals across the globe.

Mobile UI Design Trends That Are Being Followed By App Developers

An appealing UI design is essential for crafting an exceptional user experience, which in turn, translates into the success of a mobile application. For this reason, developers pay as much attention to the app design as they do to its functionalities.

Let us check the 10 latest mobile app UI UX design trends that are being followed by app developers right now.

Connect with Your Customers On-the-go with Business App Development

Mobile Apps are progressive in changing the tech world today, as individuals are getting connected with each other through Mobiles. It has in filtered into one’s life to such an extent that any current gathering has become impossible without the use of smartphones.

Mobile App Stability Is A Crucial Factor For Small Businesses

Mobile app stability is a vital factor for small businesses in particular as the stakes are definitely higher for them. The investment made to hire mobile app developer is a big one for them and they need to get the best results within the shortest time span. This is where application stability can make a whole lot of difference for them. Small business owners, therefore, need to give due importance to testing their application and verifying its stability before launching it. Here are some measures they can take to ensure the same.

Testing of Banking Applications is Essential for an Optimal Customer Service

Banking services is the forerunner today in scaling up the changes with regards to IT world. The Demonetization step towards curbing corruption in India is also one of the great influencer for these activities at a faster rate in India. The digital initiatives such as the mobile wallets, P2P transfers, Omni channel banking, and etc.,…

Strengthen the Patient Engagement with an Easy-to use Healthcare Apps

The requirements and demands of this industry are specific and it’s important to think about these goals and objectives now and take steps to encourage meaningful engagement with the app.

How Augmented Reality Apps Are Revolutionizing Various Industries

Augmented reality is an innovative technology that augments the real world with computer-generated images, graphics, and sounds to create the most amazing experiences. Augmented Reality apps development has become a booming trend across diverse industries. Let us see how these apps are changing the face of these verticals.