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Long-term Care Pharmacy in Maryland | Drop by our drugstore at 11307 Manklin Creek Road or call our Pharmacy staff at 410-629-0089.

Quick Guide: 5 Things Every New Mom Should Know

Being a new mother can be overwhelming and challenging. It can be fun and exciting but it can also be stressful and demanding. Being a mom is one tough job especially for new moms like yourself. But being a newbie does not mean you can't handle this new role like a pro. — Read More

Products & Services | Coastal Drug Rx

Pharmacy Products & Services in Maryland | Ask for more details on Pharmacy by calling us at 410-629-0089.

How to Boost Your Immune System | Coastal Drug Rx

In today’s environment, we are continually exposed to bacteria that threaten our health. No matter how hard we try to stay healthy, there is always a point in time when we can’t help but get sick. Our immune system is in charge of protecting our body from viruses and bacteria or any foreign substance. For our body’s natural defenses to fully function, the immune system must be strong. Take a look at these vitamins that can help boost your immune system:

Are Vitamins Really Necessary? | Coastal Drug Rx

There is an ongoing debate on whether or not it is truly necessary to take vitamins. Some people argue that vitamins don’t cure you or bring any change to your body, so why take it? Well, the answer to that is more complex than most think. Here are some reasons why you should take vitamins.

Useful Tips on How to Store Your Medicine during Summer

The summer heat is a game changer in many areas of our life. This includes our medication as well. Improperly stored medication, plus summer heat, is a formula for disaster. Make sure that your medicine is properly stored this summer with these tips!

The Low Down on Generic Medication

Generic medication is something that we see all of the time at the pharmacy. They are very affordable and easier to access compared to their brand name counterparts. Generic drugs are always a good option, especially when you are on a budget. Here are some information about these amazing meds:

How Can a Long-Term Care Pharmacy Help You?

A Long-Term Care Pharmacy in Maryland such as Coastal Drug Rx can actually benefit you through a number of different ways. A long-term care pharmacy specializes in providing you with the assistance you need to continue living a healthy life and we can do this through a number of methods.

Four Helpful Ways to Manage Arthritis

Arthritis comes in many forms. It can prevent older adults from accomplishing simple tasks like preparing meals, walking, and even picking up objects. And those who suffer from arthritis often have other conditions like a chronic respiratory disease, heart disease, or diabetes. Older adults who used to be physically active, such limitations can easily result in anxiety and depression. Although arthritis is currently incurable, experts at our Long-Term Care Pharmacy in Maryland want to share some strategies can be used to manage the disease. These include the following:

7 Great Tips for Managing Your Maintenance Medications

Did the doctor just prescribe you a long list of medicines? That is quite a problem. Note that non-compliance with even a single one of which may result in drastic changes. So brace yourselves. For the sake of good health and longer life, take advantage of the existing means of complying with your medication requirements.

Kidney Failure: 6 Ways to Take Care of Your Kidney

When your kidney is healthy it is in charge of filtering toxins from the blood. However, if it has failed, you lose 85% or more of your kidney function. This is the stage when kidney failure patients will need dialysis to support the filtration of toxins in their system--or else they can have complications and die.

Stress Management: 7 Tips to Reduce Stress

Do you find yourself getting stressed out more often because of work or some uncontrollable factors in life in general? Getting stressed can actually lead to weaker immune system and make you more prone to sickness.

The Risks of Drinking Too Much Soda

Soda is a huge part of not only our diets but also our society. Drinking these carbonated fizzy drinks is a delicious way to quench our thirst. However, drinking too much soda can have severe consequences on your health such as kidney failure and obesity.

How to Quit Smoking: Some Useful Tips

Quitting smoking can be a challenge but it is a challenge that Coastal Drug Rx can help you out with as a Retail Pharmacy in Berlin, Maryland. Come talk to our pharmacists to find out the best ways to quit smoking.



    Coastal Drug Rx is a Maryland-based pharmacy serving the needs of individual patients, healthcare professionals and long-term care facilities attending to multiple patients.

    We fill your prescriptions with speed and accuracy. We make it easier to comply with complex medication therapy plans. Most of all, we are always available for questions and concerns. Upon request, our pharmacist can conduct a medication therapy review or a private consultation at a time that is convenient with you.

    History of the Company

    For husband-and-wife team Ray and Arti Patel, Coastal Drug Institutional Pharmacy is not only their slice of the America dream, it’s a chance to operate a store that’s different from the big-box retailers where they worked years earlier.

    When the couple earlier this year took over the pharmacy, which also includes a Coffee Beanery with a seating area and several racks of books for sale, Ray was working at a Wal-Mart and Arti was a pharmacist at a Rite Aid near Hanover, Md. Read More>

    Mission Statement

    Our mission at Coastal Drug Rx is derived from a triad relationship of the patient, prescriber and pharmacists who share a common goal of achieving beneficial medication therapy outcomes for the patient. At our Retail and Long-Term Care Pharmacy in Maryland, we strive to provide any form of assistance we can offer in adherence to compliance guidelines set by the prescribing physician. In connection to this, we integrate pharmaceutical support programs from our highly-skilled pharmacists and proficient pharmacy technicians to raise awareness to consumers about safety and therapeutic use of prescribed or over-the-counter drugs.

    Non-Discrimination Policy

    Coastal Drug Rx shall promote equality in employment practices and service provision. Pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, services, programs and/or benefits shall be equally provided without regard for race, color, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender, religion, national origin, economic status, or social status.

    Privacy Policy

    All personal and medical information collected by our company will be strictly kept confidential. We do not allow third parties to gain access to your personal information without your consent. Coastal Drug Rx considers it very important to preserve the confidentiality of your information. Feel free to contact our staff if you have questions about our privacy policy.

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