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Golden Age Companions

Golden Age Companions provides trained, certified, in-home care for your loved one.

What Your Mom Will Never Tell You About Her Health

One fascinating fact about parents is that they never want us to feel worried about anything. Remember the time when we were still young, they would never tell us things they know will stress us out. As much as possible, they will take care of things on their own and solve the problem on their own.

How to Cope with Senior Care Stress – goldenagecompanions

As their children, especially the adults, we feel the need to provide our moms the best kind of care that they need to deal with their health conditions. With the constant demand of being in the loop of latest developments in our moms’ health, we can get stressed out as well.

Helping Your Mom Live the Life She Deserves | Golden Age Companions

Supermom or mom, as her kids usually call her, truly is an amazing human being. You will not find a single person on this planet who gives the same kind of care she does. As she ages and develops certain complications with regards to her health, other people are going to expect you to return the favor and deliver exactly the kind of care you’ve received from her your entire life. But not her though, not your mom, because the only thing she would want you to do is to live your life and chase your dreams. But what is life without our mother? What would the moment fulfilling our lifelong dream be like without our moms to share it with? I’m sure we can all agree that life wouldn’t be much of a life at all without her.

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Who’s the Boss?

Your parents raised you. And now they’re old, weak, and in some cases partially disabled. But in their minds and memories they are still ‘the boss of you.’ How frustrating must it be for a former CEO to need his son to help him shave? He taught you to shave, by golly. How embarrassing must it be for a one-time super mom to ask her daughter to help her on and off the toilet? She potty-trained you, for crying out loud. If you find yourself tired, frustrated and feeling stretched to the limit it may be time to fully acknowledge the dramatic change in roles that nature has forced mom and dad to accept. And you need to accept the fact that you might not be the best person for this job.

What is the Value of a Caregiver?

What does five hundred billion dollars represent? Your lottery winnings? Sorry, no. It represents the value of services provided by informal caregivers in the US. Unlike the professional, licensed, insured and certified caregivers provided by Golden Age Companions, informal caregivers are defined as unpaid, non-professionals who provide care for (usually) their own aging parents, but in some cases for parents and children/grandchildren at the same time (called “sandwich” caregivers). And of course there is the familiar scenario where an aging husband and wife assume certain care responsibilities for each other. He cooks and she drives, for example.

Don’t Break the Chain

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is well known for his take on the more humorous parts of life but he is also known for his strong work ethic and many an aspiring comic has taken his sage advice: Don’t break the chain. What does this mean? Simply put: to be a better comedian, write better jokes. To write better jokes, write more jokes. To write more jokes, write every day. Put a big red X on the calendar every day you write a joke and after awhile you won’t be able to skip a day—because that would break the chain. Don’t break the chain.

Preserving Mom’s Memories…and Her Recipes!

Was your mom a great cook? A good cook? A lousy cook? No matter what her cooking prowess, some of your fondest memories are of her cooking—including the time she made Hawaiian Style Pork Chops substituting chicken for pork and peaches for pineapple. Or the time she accidentally made a lemon meringue pie and grabbed the salt instead of the sugar.

Three Little Words

Is it vanity that prevents dad from using a cane or walker? Does mom’s penchant for little throw rugs everywhere turn her hallways into mine fields? Is that handrail loose, or that sliding door as clear as glass? Is that last step the proverbial doozy?

How can In Home Care Benefit You?

There are many advantages that an In Home Care in Irvine CA can provide to you as a senior citizen. As you enter your golden years, you will begin experiencing problems that you never had before. Doing your errands may suddenly become exhausting; you might not have the strength to keep the home clean, or the energy to do what you love after you have finished your daily tasks. These are problems that can sap away your enjoyment of life. Luckily, Golden Age Companions can provide the support you need to live life to the fullest:

Importance of an Active Lifestyle

As a senior citizen, there are a number of things to keep in mind of when you want to maintain your health. At an advanced age, your health and body will be much more fragile compared to your younger days, so it is vital to exercise and eat right to maintain your health and independence. As a Senior Home Care in Orange County, Golden Age Companions can provide you with the support you need to exercise safely and effectively in the comfort of your own home.

Hoarder or Pack Rat?

Brother is a Spartan. Sister is a clothes horse. Mom’ s craft room is as neat as a pin. But Dad is a pack rat. What do you do when an aging parent has hoarding tendencies? In mild cases, you can call on the help of an in-home caregiver to facilitate the process.

Familiar Surroundings—Providing Comfort for the Elders in Your Life

Living a healthier and better life today is not difficult, especially if you are making sure that you are getting the proper amount of exercise every day, and are having a healthy diet. Our Caregivers in Orange County can even provide you with the assistance you need, to ensure you can exercise safely in the comfort of home!

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Golden Age Companions provides trained, certified, in-home care for your loved one.