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Developing Lifestyles: A one-on-one with Mizrahi Development's Sam Mizrahi

On a recent trip to Toronto, I not only sat down with Mizrahi but also received a tour of his gorgeous 133 Hazelton development in Yorkville. This beautiful and luxurious building welcomes you with glass doors overlaid with wrought iron detailing, giving Parisian flair to a chic Toronto neighbourhood. The foyer continues the sense of elegant luxuriousness with soaring ceilings, wall-paneling and detailed marble flooring. The friendliest concierge you’ve ever met greets you and his passion for his job shines through; Mizrahi Developments administrates their own project managers and concierges, even beyond the building’s finish. The understated opulence of the lobby is not lost on Mizrahi who chose the paint colour based on its timelessness....

Sam Mizrahi is a micromanager … and proud of it | Toronto Star

Sam Mizrahi freely admits he’s a mega micromanager so it suits the president of Mizrahi Developments just fine that his head office is located right next door to his construction site.

'The Advantage of a Startup is That You Don’t Have to Get it Right,' Says Entrepreneur of Year Finalist

For most entrepreneurs taking a company public would be enough of an accomplishment for one year but not for Cameron Chell...

10 Things I Got from Doing the Landmark Forum

10 ways that doing the personal transformation program, the Landmark Forum, changed my life for the better and was one of the best decisions I ever made.

How Canadians Can Care For Their Skin Year Round

Despite each season offering its own distinct weather conditions, there are steps one can take to ensure skin care and stays healthy year round

G. Scott Paterson's 50th Birthday Party

G. Scott Paterson - Surprise 50th Birthday Party presented by his love Sarah Bryant!

Tech Execs like Jonmichael Moy Agree: Toronto Becoming Silicon Valley of North

AskforTask Vice President of Operations Jonmichael Moy predicted that Toronto will be the Silicon Valley of the East Coast in a recent Young Upstarts Q&A, saying “There is a growing vibe and energy in the tech scene. You can see it in the many companies now based out of Canada and their growth.”

The Sustainable Startup, which is available to order in print or as a digital download, was officially launched at the Grow Conference, of which the book is an official sponsor. Written alongside friend and colleague Jamie Clarke, the book distills experiences gained during over twenty-five years of creating and growing, startups.

Konrad Malik, Lawyer: “For Previously Married Couples, Estate Planning Crucial”

Estate planning is going to be one of the most complex things you’ll ever do in life. And if you were previously married, it only gets more complicated. The first steps should be taken as soon as a person starts to acquire assets, like buying a home or qualifying for a pension plan or building a stock portfolio.

Dr. Paul Lubitz at Art of skin Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Surgery talks about when to book a skin cancer screening and what to expect.

There’s Skating & Then There’s Skating. The Best Hockey Players Get It

Jarret Reid speaks on the importance of skating in hockey player development.

Dr. Stan Park's Mississauga Dental Office Goes Fully Digital

In terms of Dr. Stan Park's actual practice, this means digital and computer-controlled technology, versus mechanical or electrical, is integral to how he performs his work. It extends to imaging (with an added benefit of eliminating chemical waste from film) to the diagnosis of cavities and the use of lasers. Practice and patient management records also are computerized, making Dr. Park's office paperless.

The Eco-Dentistry Association was founded to encourage environmentally-sound practices and offers a wealth of resources for dentists and for patients looking for eco-friendly dentists.

The fact is that whether you’re the chief executive or project manager or IT troubleshooter or marketing specialist, everyone has shared goals in pushing for the future success of your organization. The more effectively you can remove the barriers from collaboration and communication, the greater your measure of success will be.

Jarret Reid: Power Skating: The Winning Edge

Jarret Reid on what power skating is and how it improves hockey skating and overall performance on the ice.

Jarret Reid, former hockey player, talks about 1993 Memorial Cup win

Jarret Reid, a former Canadian professional hockey player now turned hockey coach, won the Memorial Cup with his team, the Sault Greyhounds, in 1993. For Jarret Reid, winning the Memorial Cup was a highlight of his career as a junior hockey player and helped him become a NHL draft pick.

Workplace diversity: ‘To win in your market, you need to hire the market’

While Ms. Hirji believes explicit policy is important, she says that organizations that hire well shouldn’t obsess over filling quotas. “When you have good recruitment policies and practices… you get diversity,” she says. “All of that just happens naturally.”

Self-Advocacy in the Workplace: What It Means

When it comes to women in the workplace and their continuing struggle to break through the glass ceiling, self-advocacy remains one of the biggest barriers in the way.

Bill C-560-Canada Solution To The Divorce Wars

The true purpose of Bill C-560 is to ensure that people remember that adults are divorcing each other, not their children and that Equal Shared Parenting is the best solution for the majority of families,” says Brian Ludmer of LudmerLaw who helped draft the wording for Bill C-560.

Paragon International Sees Continued Demand for Fancy Colored Diamonds

Paragon International Wealth Management is reporting increased interest from new investors as fancy colored diamonds continue to rise in value. Widely considered a recession proof asset, fancy colored diamonds have steadily increased in value since the 1970s.

Helpful Guidance for Investing in Colored Diamonds

Traditional diamonds, of course, have a foothold in the engagement ring industry, but what about their gemstone peers? There are several things you should consider when seeking to invest in colored diamonds.

Adam Richmond liberates troops with laughter, documents it with “Comedy from the Corps”

Following in the footsteps of comedy greats like Bob Hope and Robin Williams, for a number of years, Adam Richmond took himself out of the theatre atmosphere and performed his edgy comedic stylings for U.S. Marines at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California and overseas in Japan, Korea and uam. During his time spent with the men and women in uniform, Richmond was inspired to produce his own show, in order to capture the magic that occurs when these Marines are liberated by laughter.

Jarret Reid - Being a Power Skating hockey coach

The world of coaching, especially minor league coaching and coaching a sport as nationally competitive as hockey, is not an easy one. After all, it seems like the level of competition in minor league hockey is only growing.

Konrad Malik-Preparation is Key When it Comes to Digital Assets

When it comes to digital assets, a relatively minor amount of planning ahead can save your nearest and dearest from a lot of future time and hassle – you simply need to include them in your estate plan.

FutureVault - Finovate Fall 2016 Live Demo with G. Scott Paterson

G. Scott Paterson presenting FutureVault at Finovate Fall 2016 in New York City on September 9, 2016.