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Best Organic K-Cup Coffee 2017 - What to Buy

Possibly the absolutely perfect combination for a coffee lover - organic and k-cup. All that taste and richness packaged up so nicely in a convenient Keurig package! =)

I was surprised to see that there were so many lovely favorite organic coffees to choose from in K-cup form - and here are my "top 5 best" finds on which ones are the best. (Plus a few other related tidbits that you might also be interested in.)


Newman's Own Organics Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods - Medium Roast

VARIETY DESCRIPTION: Bold yet refined. Strong, yet smooth. A study in contradiction or a reflection of the man for whom it was created? Maybe both. This inspired blend of medium-roasted Central American and darker-roasted Indonesian coffees is rich, robust, and satisfying. Made with 100% organic Arabica coffee.

San Francisco Bay OneCup, Organic Rainforest Blend

Our USDA certified 100% organic, Rainforest Blend is an artful mix of coffees from Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Indonesia medium roasted to produce a smooth, yet full-bodied taste with lively citrus notes. Our low acid, 100% Arabica coffee beans are all choice selected, high altitude, shade grown, and handpicked, to ensure our coffee is the best tasting coffee to be found for your Keurig K-Cup style brewers and other single serve brewing systems.

Caza Trail Coffee, Organic Extra Bold Medium Roast

At Caza Trail we make delicious single serve coffee and tea beverages that are compatible with your first generation Keurig K-Cup Brewer. Wherever fine coffee and tea is cultivated – that’s where we’re on the hunt! Our pursuit of the perfect cup takes us from the hills of Asia to the mountains of South America…and myriad places in between...

Green Mountain Coffee Sumatran Reserve Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods - Dark Roast

Exotically lush, sweet, and heavy-bodied. Indonesian coffees are prized for their complexity: heady aromas and lush, tropical flavors that tumble around in the mouth. Our Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold is treated with a deep and deliciously dark roast, creating a sweet palate of brown sugar and spice notes. Look for lots of body in this big, bold coffee...

Marley Coffee, Lively Up! Organic Espresso Roast

Lively Up Yourself! with this big, bold espresso—an almighty blend with subtle hints of dark chocolate, caramel and buttercream. Good people, come together, and spread a message of goodness. That’s the Marley Coffee way. A bold flavor with notes of chocolate and caramel.

Nespresso Compatible Organic Coffee Capsules by Kiss Me Organics - Variety Pack

We've taken our sustainability game to the next level. Kiss Me Organics coffee capsules are not only biodegradable, they’re 100% compostable. That means that all Kiss Me Organics coffee capsules will be returned to the Earth in the form of good quality compost. No need to clean the used capsules out for recycling, just throw them away with the rest of your garbage and they'll completely disintegrate within 180 days, and that’s even better than recycling!

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Coffee Roasters - Ensuring Safe Coffee

Coffee Roasters - Ensuring Safe Coffee
Organic coffee

Organic coffee is coffee produced without the aid of artificial chemical substances, such as certain additives or some pesticides and herbicides.