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List of Towers in Wan Chai/HongKong - A Glimmering Concrete Jungle

Hong Kong is renowned for its tall, glittering skyline - the city is jam-packed with towering buildings that often leave first time visitors more than a little amazed. Here are a few to check out.


Hopewell Centre

The 64-storey skyscraper holds the honour of being the first circular tower constructed in Hong Kong. When construction was completed in 1980, the Hopewell Centre was listed as the tallest building in Hong Kong, and the second tallest in Asia - over time it has dropped in the ranking, but is still beloved by locals. A significant factor about the tower is that the slope it is built on is so steep, that the back entrance to the tower is located on the 17th Floor. A revolving restaurant on the 62nd floor is popular for its 360 degree view over the surrounding area.


Bank of China Tower

One of the most recognisable towers in Hong Kong, the Bank of China Tower was the tallest building in the city and Asia, from 1982 to 1992. The glass curtained, 72-storey building is designed to resemble bamboo shoots, a symbol of prosperity. However, during its construction, the tower came under fire for being the only large scale building in the city that shunned consultation with feng shui masters prior to construction. The tower has garnered criticism by feng shui practitioners for its sharp edges and negative symbolism (the large X shapes on the facade). When looked at from a certain angle, local says it resembles a meat cleaver, and thus explains why several surrounding businesses may meet bad luck.


The Center

Officially coming in as number 5 in the city's list of tall buildings, the 73-storied building is one of the few towers in Hong Kong made entirely from steel, with no reinforced core. The tower is most notable for the hundreds of neon lights that are arranged on the facade, increasing further as they go higher. The lights slowly run through the full colour spectrum at night, and during Christmas, the neon lights are lit up to resemble a Christmas tree. Fans of The Dark Knight, may recall seeing The Center and its lobby featured in the film.


Central Plaza

The 78-stired tower is the third tallest tower in the city, and previously held the record as the tallest building in Asia, until 1996. An iconic building, it looms over surrounding structures like the Cosmo Hotel Wan Chai Hong Kong, one of the several hotels in Wan Chai Hong Kong. Situated on top of the tower is a clock made up of neon four bars that tell time by displaying varying colours for 15-minute periods, and blinking every quarter of an hour. A notable fact is that the Central Plaza is also home to the world's highest church, the Sky City Church.


The International Commerce Centre

The tallest building in Hong Kong, the 108-storey skyscraper was originally meant to be even taller, but was scaled back due to height regulations in the city that do not allow a structure to be taller than the surrounding mountains. Aside from its height, the tower is also known for its spectacular light and music show. The ICC show creates a dramatic story using light and musical elements, and has even been listed in Guinness World Record as the biggest light and sound show displayed on a single building.

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