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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Top 05 Unusual Places in Bangkok – Explore the Strange Weird and Whacky

Bangkok apart for being a shopping mecca and foodie's haven is game for a spot of fun and whacky adventure. The following article highlights the city's more amusing and zany attractions to explore.


The Phallic Shrine

That's right folks Bangkok has a phallic shrine; head over to the shrine of Chao Mae Tubtim the female goddess of fertility and you will stumble upon hundreds of wooden and stone phalluses in various sizes. Some are ten feet tall and decorated with ribbon. Most of these images are offerings left by women hoping to conceive; mind you the place is well known for its success rate after which the women leave more of these symbols as thanks for favours received.


Erawan Museum

Erawan Museum will impress you even before you enter its folds. Standing on top of the museum building is a 250 ton 29 metre high enormous three headed elephant which is perched on an equally huge pedestal. This is the first impression of the quirky museum one has; within this beasts belly is the museum. Based on three levels the place exhibits religious iconography, Eastern antiques and marvellous intoxicating décor of colours and whirls that look almost dreamlike.


Forensic Museum

The Forensic Museum is a just on the way to the Grand Palace. Located about half hour from the iconic temple of the Jade Buddha this attraction may not be for the squeamish but ranks high on the bizarre scale. Of all the outlandish Bangkok tourist places the Forensic Museum deserves due justice; the three main attractions are the forensic, pathology and anatomic museums. The Pathology and Anatomic Museums house preserved bodies of babies born with genetic disorders as well as all manner of parasites that infect the human body. Not a very pretty sight but ideal for the curious tourist. There are also bodies of accident victims, murderers and even psychopaths. As you may have guessed this place promises a quirky, weird and mind altering experience.


Wat Pariwat – The David Beckham Temple

Did this one garner a raised eyebrow? Well it should for Wat Pariwat is now better known as the David Beckham Temple. The reason being simple; a mythical Garuda a winged creature that holds up the temple pier has been replaced with a figure of – David Beckham. This was done by a fan with the temple Abbots blessings and although the haircut is not the same the word 'Sharp' on the t-shirt silently lets us know who this Garuda replacement is. This temple is just 19 minutes away for guests at Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit 18; so go check it out and do take along the cameras.


The Elephant Building

Located in the district of Chatuchak this is one of Bangkok's most iconic landmarks; there are 3 towers that make up the elephant shaped building representing the countries national animal. Used as a school, offices, shops and condominiums the building is visible from the highway with eyes and a tusk visible from the right side of the building.