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GQ's Guide to The 9 Best Colognes - How To Choose Best Cologne? | GQ India

Check out GQ's guide to the 9 best colognes. Some of the best deodarants such as Jimmy Choo, Davidoff, etc. offer best fragrances. The smell from these best fragrance has a powerful effect on your style.

Best Deodorants For Men - Best Antiperspirant To Buy For Men l GQ India

Pick up the best deodorants for men. A signature scent layered with a hardworking antiperspirant will take you far. Some of these best body fragrances for men can last full 24 hours.

Dubai Police Force Newest Recruit - O-R3 Robo-Cars | GQ India

Pick up the best deodorants for men. A signature scent layered with a hardworking antiperspirant will take you far. Some of these best body fragrances for men can last full 24 hours.

Things To Do After Sex - What To Do After Sex? | GQ India

What are you supposed to do after sex? Think about the things to do after sex like debriefing the sex session, cuddle & sleep, repeat sex, indulge in talks, have delicious food, etc.

Only T-Shirts a Man Needs in His Closet | GQ India

Check out these 14 T-shirts a man needs in his closet. T-shirts serve as go-to essentials for all seasons. Transform your simple t-shirt by adding a some spunk and create a style statement also.

World's Best Non-Touristy Beaches - World's Best Beaches | GQ India

Check out the 12 best non-touristy beaches around the world. Get tanned & soak some sun on these paradaise from across the world. These beaches are visited by millions of beach travellers.

Pablo Escobar’s House Is Now A Luxurious Five-Star Resort | GQ India

The Columbian drug lord, Pablo Escobar's home, is now a luxurious five-star resort. The resort guarded by bulletproof walls has terrace bars, underground swimming pool. The Casa Malca is only open to friends and family.

How Much Cristiano Ronaldo Makes Per Instagram Post? | GQ India

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo earns £310,000 per Instagram posts. The Portuguese superstar Ronaldo is the highest earning male in the world on Instagram with 104 million followers.

Deepika Padukone’s Hot Vanity Fair Shoot | GQ India

Check out Deepika Padukone’s smoking hot Vanity Fair shoot for UK edition. On the cover photo of Vanity Fair on Jewellery, Deepika is styled by Elizabeth Saltzman and photographed by Marcus Ohlsson.

10 Finest Erotic Artists To Follow On Instagram | GQ India

Check out these 10 of the finest erotic artists to follow on Instagram. These InstaArists draw illustrator dedicated to capturing love, lust and erotic themes. InstaArtists indulge in exploring the sensuous side of life.

Miss Japan Priyanka Yoshikawa - Kickboxer & Elephant Trainer | GQ India

Miss Japan Priyanka Yoshikawa is the first half Indian to win Miss Japan. She is also a trained kickboxer & a certified elephant trainer who can communicate to elephants also.

The Most Dangerous Heterosexual Sex Position | GQ India

According to research, ‘woman on top’ or ‘cowgirl’ is the most dangerous sex position. This sex position can give the penile fracture while making out. The penile (penis) fracture often happens when women are on top during sex.

GQ’s Most Influential Young Indians 2017 From Digital World | GQ India

GQ’s Most Influential Young Indians of 2017 includes Akash Ambani from Reliance Jio and Vijay Sharma from Paytm. These young minds are taking India's digital landscape to the world.

Best Sex Position Women Love The Most - Popular Sex Position | GQ India

The ‘Missionary’ position (man on top, the couple facing each other) is most loved sex position among women. The missionary sex position offers lots of pleasure, kink factor & intense orgasm.

Alia Bhatt’s Favourite Sex Position | GQ India

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt prefers missionary as her most favourite sex position. '’I'm a simple person, so the classic-missionary sex position” revealed Alia Bhatt. She was more candid than older stars.

Ranveer Singh's ₹3.8 crore Aston Martin Rapide S Car | GQ India

Ranveer Singh decided to celebrate his 32nd birthday by gifting himself a white Aston Martin Rapide S worth ₹3.8 crore Bondmobile. The Aston Martin Rapide S car can touch 100 kph in just 4.2 seconds.

Shah Rukh Gifts Salman Khan ₹85.6 lakh Mercedes-Benz GLE | GQ India

Shah Rukh Khan gifted Salman Khan a brand new Mercedes-Benz GLE 43 AMG Coupe for his cameo in the upcoming movie directed by Anand Rai. The Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe costs ₹85.6 lakh.

How To Lose Weight Quickly With Small Changes? | GQ India

Check out these small tips for big weight loss. Little daily tricks like changes in diet, proper sleep, enough water intake, and a healthy lifestyle can help to reduce the excess fat fast.

Powerful and Luxurious BMW M760Li xDrive 7 Series Car | GQ India

BMW’s new M760Li xDrive is the most powerful & luxurious 7 Series car in the market right now. BMW M760Li xDrive car from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds, has set a new standard for automotive innovation.

GQ’s Best Dressed 2017 Bash, Best Dresses from Mens Fashion | GQ India

Mens fashion in GQ's Best Dressed 2017 Bash was represented by Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra. The hot steppers Kapoors, from Anil and Harshvardhan to Arjun, were attended the event along with Shroffs.

Elon Musk Reveals The Looks of Futuristic Underground Cars | GQ India

Elon Musk, the founder & owner of the Boring company, revealed the looks of underground cars. The Electric cars aim to reduce traffic for Boring Company’s futuristic underground transit network will be made of glass.

Apple Newly Launched Smart Speakers - HomePod at WWDC| GQ India

Apple recently launched its first range of smart speakers 'HomePod' at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Diego. HomePod will reinvent music in homes just like the iPod reinvented music in our pockets.

Apple’s MacBooks and iMac - MacBook Software Updates at WWDC | GQ India

Apple announced software updates at the WWDC in San Diego for MacBooks & iMac line with thunderbolt 3, faster storage options, and brighter Retina displays, along with a new 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Tips on How To Boost Your Sex Life | GQ India

Searching for best tips on how to boost your sex life? Good sex is plays a vital role in a relationship. Check out these hard-earned bits of wisdom that can boost your sex life when it comes to sex.