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Top 05 Things to Do in Sigiriya – UNESCO Heritage Site

Sigiriya is part of Sri Lanka's cultural triangle; home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site the 'Lions Rock Fortress' this beautiful rustic region has many encounters and adventures to savour.


Explore the Mighty Lions Rock Fortress – A Kings Harem

In the middle of Sigiriya's verdant forest is a mighty boulder which King Kashyapa chose to build his elaborate Kingdom in the 5th century. Living in constant fear his citadel city was safeguarded by two deep moats and three tall ramparts. Inside are vintage treasures such as the Sigiriya Frescoes; world famous paintings of beautiful women that many debates as being either heavenly creature or ladies of the court. Another attraction is the 'mirror wall' so named for its polished surface that served the purpose of reflecting the king's image when passing. There is much more to Sigiriya which is easily accessible to guests at Sigiriya Jungles. Do reserve half a day for thoroughly exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Check out the Attractions at Pidurangala Rock

Often overlooked and easy to reach from any hotel Sigiriya Sri Lanka has to offer, Pidurangala is an iconic rock that offers expansive views of the more famous Sigiriya across the forest cover. This place has close links to the previous Citadel and it creator King Kashyapa. Kashyapa on acquiring the Sigiriya Rock built a new monastery at Pidurangala for the monks residing within the caves of Sigiriya; as thanks, new quarters and a larger monastery to reside in were presented. A monument there also suggests King Kashyapa on his death may have been cremated at this site. Enjoy the 40 to 60-minute climb to the summit after which you are rewarded with a bird's eye view of the surroundings. Pidurangala is open from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.


Enjoy an Elephant Ride across the Sigiriya Wewa

Shimmering in front of the rock, the surface of the Sigiriya Wewa or lake is covered with colourful lotus blossoms. A fun elephant back ride across the forest ends up with a trek through this glistening shallow lake; definitely one of the main thrills of your elephant back ride. Trek through the jungle and rustic villages looking out for sights of exotic wildlife and waving at the ever smiling locals. Book tours via your Sigiriya resort for convenience.


Sigiriya Museum

The museum is located 200 metres from the main entrance of the Fortress. There a model of the entire rock fortress offers one a comprehensive insight into the infrastructure of the giant citadel. The displays at the museum however although fascinating, are not from the time of King Kashyapa. The place does offer one an insight to the citadels vastness and what to look out for. Best is the audio visual show which is recommended for a good understanding of the entire attraction.


Elephant Lovers Visit the Minneriya National Park

Enjoying sights of elephants in vast herds at Minneriya National Park. Go there in August which is high migration season and you will be treated to marvellous sights of wild elephant herds together with calves. The lush surroundings of the Minneriya Lake are quite beautiful while other forms of exotic wildlife promise to make your encounter in the park one to remember.