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Headline for Star Citizen - A space MMO for a new generation!
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Star Citizen - A space MMO for a new generation!

Star Citizen is a groundbreaking SCI-FI game that combines MMOs and Flight Sims into one seamless universe! If that sounds interesting to you, check it out!

The Star Citizen Privateer is a Star Citizen community covering all things Star Citizen related, but primarily focused on those citizens that live within the shadows. Some citizens of the ‘verse prefer to work in the light, delivering goods, flying escort missions and exploring. We enjoy those things too…for a price! Privateers, Smugglers, Info-runners and Mercenaries can all find a home here.

The 23 Star Citizen Streamers You Need to be Following! The Star Citizen Privateer

Even with the thriving Star Citizen community on Twitch, many backers don't know who to follow or just haven't made the time to check it out.

5 Best Ships for the Smuggler The Star Citizen Privateer

Sometimes smugglers do it for profit, sometimes it's out of necessity. One thing always remains the same, getting caught is not an option.

Star Citizen Control Setup Options - Overview and Suggestions The Star Citizen Privateer

There are a lot of different options available, so many that it can be overwhelming. This article makes suggestions for input devices based on experience.

The Mustang Alpha – Agile and Delicate The Star Citizen Privateer

Today we're looking at another starter ship, the Mustang Alpha, ship from the game Star Citizen.

The Aurora - Inexpensive and Utalitarian The Star Citizen Privateer

Review of the Aurora focusing on the Aurora MR. If you have any questions about this line of ships, come over and check it out.

Getting Started in Star Citizen The Star Citizen Privateer

When you first start exploring the Star Citizen website, it can be a little intimidating and more than a little confusing.  This guide will show you how to get started!

The Latest Squadron 42 and Star Citizen News - The Star Citizen Privateer

All of our Squadron 42 and Star Citizen news located on one page! Stop by and get the latest news about Star Citizen and Sq 42!

Star Citizen and Squadron 42 Guides - The Star Citizen Privateer

Original content from the Star Citizen Privateer! Reviews, guides, opinions, and much more about Star Citizen and Sq 42!

Intel Optane Drives Will Come With a Sabre Raven! | The Star Citizen Privateer

Just in from CitCon! The brand new Intel Optane drives will come with a new Sabre Raven! If you're considering a new SSD this could be the way to go. The S

The Consolidated Outland Pioneer | The Star Citizen Privateer

The Consolidated Outland Pioneer Ever since the unveiling of the quantum drive, Humanity has been on an upward trajectory of innovation and exploration. Ad

Star Citizen Privateer - Smugglers, Hackers, Info-runners & Mercenaries

Welcome to the Star Citizen Privateer, the best place to explore living in the grey area of the law. We also have the latest news, ship reviews & guides!

Star Citizen - Origin Jumpworks X1 - The Best Spacebike so Far?

The new Origin X1 represents a joining of beauty and function. It comes in three editions, the baseline edition, VELOCITY edition and FORCE edition.

The Origin 600i - Elegant and Functional | The Star Citizen Privateer

The 600i features a hull design with modular technology, allowing you to customize your ship to fit your needs. It comes in a Touring and Explorer variant.

Star Citizen: Around the Verse - Cyclone and Ship Persistence

This week's ATV takes a look at the latest updates from the Austin and Turbulent studios. It also drops a little tid bit about the Constellation Phoenix!

The Cyclone Concept Sale has Started! - The Star Citizen Privateer

The Cyclone concept sale has started and will be going on until August 2nd. It has some interesting packages available with it!

The Cyclone Buggy Pre-Sale

The Tumbril Cyclone is now available for pre-sale. If you purchase it today, you will get a limited edition "dust-devil" skin, and a forum badge.

The Nox is Available for Pre-Sale! | The Star Citizen Privateer

The Nox is available for sale a day early for those that own the Drake Dragonfly.  They come with LTI and the warbond edition is available for $35.

Star Citizen Avenger Review - Space Penguins in Flight

The Aegis Avenger began as a carrier based front line fighter, but were displaced by ships better suited to the role like the Hornet.

Squadron 42 - What We Know | The Star Citizen Privateer

Squadron 42 is a single player game that puts you in the UEE Navy as a rookie pilot. Squadron 42's release date is currently set for at least 2018.