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Different Ways to Make Pasta – That Great Italian Dish

Pasta is almost everyone's favourite meal whether smothered in cheese or tossed in a salad the ingredient is versatile for many a cook in a rush or creative frame of mind. Let's get creative.


Toast your Pasta

That's right folks pop that uncooked pasta in the oven before you boil it! The result is a lovely 'nutty' flavour to your pasta which has nothing to do with the addition of nuts. All you need do is to bake the dry pasta in an oven set at 350 degrees for about 10 to 15 minutes. The rich flavours this method lends to your pasta is amazing; a definite must try.


Toast your Pasta in a Pan

This is the alternative to baking your pasta. Pop in the uncooked pasta to a dry pan and slightly toast it before cooking. Do so for about five minutes and you will add tons of flavour to the pasta. It is a quick and fast method of toasting minus the oven.


Cook Pasta in Red Wine

This is an alternative that is sure to have you adding pasta and red wine to your list of grocery products. Mind you the wine can be a cheap variety that you can obtain from the supermarket even while shopping online with Keells Super. Cooking the pasta in red wine not only adds loads of flavour but it renders the dish a deep burgundy colour. Choose a full-bodied Merlot or Cabernet for the best results and no, it does not have to be a very expensive brand.


Pre-Soak Pasta for One Pot Meals

Pre-soaking pasta for about 30 minutes renders it the nice soft chewy texture of half cooked pasta. This is excellent for then cooking the pasta directly in a sauce for those comforting one pot meals. Since it is half hydrated the pasta cooks fast and ends up as the delicious creamy meal we all love.


Fry Pasta for Chips

Parboiled lasagne noodles when fried make delicious crispy chips. Ideal with a homemade dip or sauce the chips promise to stave off those pasta and chips cravings that may crop up.


Boil Pasta in Milk for that Creamy Delight

If you love oodles of thick rich creamy pasta then opt for boiling it in milk instead of water. The result is a much creamier pasta and richer flavour. Perfect for that alfredo sauce and thick hearty bites, once you cook pasta in milk you will never look back at an alternative.


Turn Pasta into Ramen

Boil thin spaghetti or angel hair pasta in about a gallon of water to which a tablespoon of baking soda has been added. Next rinse the noodles under cold water and you instantly have lovely chewy ramen noodles.


Boil Pasta in Stock

This is like adding double stock to the pasta; boil it in a potful of stock and let all those lovely flavours sink in. Beef stock is ideal for making Bolognese while vegetable stock works well for Carbonara.

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