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Medanta the Medicity

Medanta – The Medicity is one of India's largest multi-super specialty hospitals, led & managed by world renowned doctors, using the latest technology & infrastructure to deliver excellence in healthcare at an affordable cost.

Guide to the ideal healthcare

One of the most important choices you will ever make in your life is when you decide the place of healthcare for yourself. It is of utmost importance that one does a survey before shortlisting the perfect institution to obtain services from, when it comes to your health and fitness.

Know Everything about Liver Transplantation

Medanta is one of the finest hospitals in India for Liver transplant. With a team of qualified doctors, they take all the necessary measures to conduct a successful transplantation.

What all you should do keep your liver safe?

Habits such as overeating, alcohol and drug addiction can seriously damage your liver and make you seriously ill. One should fast once in a while and eat healthy if they wish to live a longer and disease free life.

Signs that you need to see a cardiologist

Heart pain is the most common symptom to this problem. While walking, talking or sleeping we might feel regular or irregular heart aches. Whether small or big, such difficulties in the heart should be taken seriously and addressed to the concerned cardiologist.

Steps to prevent breast cancer

Whether you ask the best oncologist or the paediatric neurologist or any other doctor, most diseases stem from an unhealthy lifestyle. All doctors recommend healthy living and eating. Maintaining a good lifestyle is paramount for a healthy and happy life.

Medication Reaching to New heights with New Age Technology

Health and medical sector have been actively trying to find cures for the kind of diseases that were once considered incurable.

Immunologic and donor factors influence the operation process. Age (older than 60), cardiac or pulmonary disease, renal failure, diabetes and malnutrition may affect the survival of the patient. Following are the possible complications of liver transplant.

Taking care after a Heart Attack

With the advancements in technology like robotic surgery in Delhi and other major cities in the world, there are increased chances of survival against fatal disease. However, it is much easier to prevent a disease than to be treated for it.

Why it is a good idea to book medical appointments online?

It is best to book appointments online on Medanta Search to find specialists in, Delhi, Mumbai or any city of India in no time.

Know Everything before Liver Transplant

They have a team of surgeons and experienced doctors to take proper care and treatment of you. They also have best facility for cancer treatment in India. You can log on to their website for more information.

6 Tips to Help You Prepare for Heart Surgery

Hospitals operating at the highest level of quality, such as the Medanta Hospital, always ensure that you have followed the proper pre and post-surgery precautions in order to boost your recovery. You can always contact the best heart surgeon in India for more tips.

Precautions to be taken post the liposuction surgery

Be sure to follow all your doctor’s post-operative care procedures. Not just liposuction but other complex procedures for complications like Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, for cardio-auto-transplantation etc. take place with much ease if the right precautions are taken. This makes the recovery much easier.

Almost every one of us find it extremely difficult to find a good doctor but with some good strategies and resources you can easily get a good medical care. Here is what you need to do find a reliable doctor.

Private hospitals: A healthy choice

Big operations like a heart valve replacement surgery or a lasik eye surgery always require proper instruments and advanced equipment. Not many can be hoped for in government hospitals due to the limit in their funds.

Signs That Indicate That Your Child Has Autism

Incorrect and abnormal body postures, clumsiness, lack of expressions or gestures, and unexpected response to stimuli and situations are all physical signs of autism in a growing child.

Lasik Surgery, Radiation Therapy Centers

These were the various precautions one must keep in mind. Apart from this, always leave for the procedure on time whether you have to reach an eye clinic nearby or a radiation therapy centre.

Rise of Technology in the Medical Industry

Radiotherapy is used with chemotherapy and is used before it to establish the growth and the extent of the tumor and to determine whether it is malignant or not.

Medanta, one of the trusted names in the field of medical, have the finest faculty of doctors for the same. Not just this, they also have best possible potential for robotic surgery in Delhi.

Some complicated surgeries all should be aware of

There are many medical centres like Medanta that has brilliant team of doctors who perform these surgeries to bring out the best results. The techniques of surgeries are many but in the end, it definitely leaves one in minimal pain.

Private hospitals: Always a wiser choice

Private hospitals are known for their modern techniques and wide range of facilities. They are also renowned for their ace services, Medanta is one of them.

5 Amazing Superfoods for Heart Patients

Heart is the only organ in the body that works continously without a break and its healthy functioning is crucial for the entire body.

Private Hospitals: A Way Into Today's Healthcare

In today's world, where new diseases are coming up literally every single day because of the increasing levels of pollution and chemical activities, it isn't a surprise that one has to be very conscious of their health and well-being.

Private hospitals: The way ahead

We often see Bollywood movies which have scenes in hospitals. The waiting room, the tremendously long queues and the scary delays in treatments portrayed in these movies make us wonder if hospitals are really this bad.

Hepatitis A is caused from drinking water or eating food that consists of the hepatitis A virus. If you travel a lot or are a frequent visitor to a country or place which is prone to frequent outbreaks it is advised that you get yourself vaccinated.

How to Recover from Vascular Surgery

It is important to note that the precautions remain more or less the same whether it’s a robotic Surgery in Delhi or a more traditional method of surgery.

  • Medanta – The Medicity is one of India's largest multi-super specialty hospitals, led & managed by world renowned doctors, using the latest technology & infrastructure to deliver excellence in healthcare at an affordable cost.

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