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Call Sumo Marketing Efforts

Call Sumo is the most intelligent call tracking software for online as well as offline marketing. With this software, you can track all the marketing efforts such as social media, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, e-mail campaigns and more.



Social Media


Search Engine Optimization(SEO)


Pay-Per-Click Advertising


E-Mail Campaigns

Phone Experience IS User Experience

If you’re a new business owner and want to establish your business leads with phone calls, then phone calls play a very important role in customer conversion. By tracking your customer phone calls you get to know which keywords and marketing channels are driving calls and which are not.

Make Potential Customers Remember With A Vanity Phone Number

A Vanity number is the simplest way to inform your customers about who you are and what your business does. It is helpful for both online and offline advertisement.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very powerful marketing tool for a company to improve their customer experience. It analyzes the large amounts of data searched by the customers and helps in improving business further.

Artificial Intelligence in Communications

Artificial Intelligence will be a game-changer across major industries. Explore how artificial intelligence is improving the way people in business communicate.

Understanding Call Intelligence

Use Call Sumo’s call intelligence software to track each customer journey across multiple channels, sessions, and devices in detail.

How AI Revolutionizes Marketing

Contact Call Sumo or visit the website link to know how Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes the marketing. We also provide the demonstration to our clients.

Enhanced Business Communications with Artificial Intelligence

In order to enhance the customer experience, organizations must consider incorporating data insights as a primary marketing tool. Also, to apply AI into customer experience, one must consider three things - unification of data, delivery of insights in real time, and business context.

How Agencies Can Overcome Client Objections to Call Tracking

Find out the three most common client’s objections to use call tracking and what are the ways to handle and overcome these objections.

Improved Precision in Call Transcriptions

There are several variable factors that can affect the quality of your transcripts. Learn about the features of Call Sumo call tracking software that ensure you receive the highest quality transcriptions of your calls.

Caller ID: Beyond Call Tracking

Check out the benefits that Call Sumo Caller ID Tracker brings when used as a call monitoring system.

Artificial Intelligence with Heart: Improving Customer Experience through Sentiment Analysis

Learn how to use emotional AI, also known as sentiment analysis, to find out customer behavior towards your business/services, thus improving your services to build better customer relations.

Understanding Communications Intelligence and Analytics

Check out this post to learn about what is communications intelligence and how you can use it to analyze user data that was out of reach for you in the past.

Are Your Employees Afraid of Call Recording?

Call scoring and recording are simple ways to improve performance. It also helps employers know which employees to reward as a means of showing appreciation and motivating everyone else.

The Phone’s Importance and Analyzing Your Calls

More than 90% of adults in the US own a smartphone. That's why its essential for businesses to track and analyze their calls to find where they're all coming from.

AI Application at Every Stage of Marketing

Check out this post to learn about some great AI functions that marketers should use to create dynamic and scientific stories to reach their marketing goals.

The Marketer of the Future and Conversational Marketing

Artificial intelligence is the future of marketing as it is the only engine that drives conversation marketing as well as increases the interaction with customers.

AI and Healthcare Marketing by 2020

Read the given post to know how AI affects the way you market your healthcare organization’s products, services, and software.

How AI Promotes Personalized Communication

Check out this post to learn about the ways AI can interact with personalization to deliver the better customer experience possible.

AI Terminologies for Marketers

For starters, it is difficult to understand the language of AI, thus it is important to know it’s terminologies as well as basic functions to understand the technology.

How AI Gather Consumer Insights

Check out this post to learn about how AI gathers valuable customer insights and helps marketers to understand customer behavior and create relevant advertisement channels.

Debunking Myths About Artificial Intelligence

We’ve debunked five of the biggest myths about Artificial Intelligence to help you understand the truth about today’s AI landscape.

  • Call Sumo is the most comprehensive tool for dentists to improve their business whether online or offline. It allows them to track all the online & offline campaigns such as social media, email campaigns, PPC, billboard ads and many more marketing channels they want to tap.

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