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Alternative Investments Suitable for All Savers

What exactly is an alternative investment? Is it safe? Are alternative investments only for institutions and high net worth individuals? This list will show you some relatively safe investment ideas that are classed as alternative. Some are suitable for small investors. Alternative investments are assets that you can invest in that are not covered by the FCA.

Alternative Investment FAQs



Perigord or Black Winter Truffle Investment

Perigord or Black Winter Truffle Investment

Ethical investments like investing in truffle farms are classed as alternative and can be very lucrative. A good crop of high quality black winter truffles from France can fetch a very high price.

Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair

Anyone can invest in art. With a good eye and a bit of luck you can pick up a piece of art that you like fairly cheaply. If you get lucky and the artist becomes popular you can make money on your artwork but at the very least you will still have an asset that you can enjoy.

If you know a bit about art then you can make a good return. You don't need to invest in an original Monet! A good place to start is your local Art Fair like this one in Glasgow.

Commercial Property Investment - Cape Verde

Commercial property has always been a popular alternative investment for institutions with lots of money to invest. Nowadays, there are fantastic opportunities that allow small investors to invest in Fractional Investments. Wise Alternative Investments in Edinburgh has an opportunity for savers to invest in Cape Verde resorts. Cape Verde's booming tourist industry, along with a guaranteed return makes this an ideal starter alternative investment.

Alternative investment

An alternative investment is an investment in asset classes other than stocks, bonds, and cash. The term is a relatively loose one and includes tangible assets such as precious metals,[1] art, wine, antiques, coins, or stamps[2] and some financial assets such as real estate, commodities, private equity, distressed securities, hedge funds, carbon credits,[3] venture capital, film production,[4] financial derivatives, and cryptocurrencies. Investments in real estate and forestry[5] are also often termed alternative despite the ancient use of such real assets to enhance and preserve wealth. In the last century, fancy color diamonds have emerged as an alternative investment class as well.[6] Alternative investments are to be contrasted with traditional investments.


Single Malt Scottish Whisky - Islay Whisky

Single Malt Scottish Whisky - Islay Whisky

Great quality, rare single malt whisky has become a very popular and often profitable investment. Some investors collect bottles and some buy casks. There are special whisky exchange sites and auctions.

Why Invest in Alternative Investments?

Find out why investing your money in alternative investments is good for your financial portfolio. Wise Alternative Investments explains all the benefits.