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6 Creative Ideas To Use Serious Games In Corporate eLearning - EIDesign

@hubcurator: This very practical article from EIDesign offers six clever and creative strategies for using serious games in corporate learning environments. How can you use these strategies to bring serious games into your blended learning solutions?

7 Steps to Measuring the Impact of Gamification in Enterprise Learning

@hubcurator: This concise blog post presents strategies for measuring the value of gamified learning to business performance. There are some good linked resources here as well for you to explore further.

Serious Game or Simulation? Choosing the Most Effective Approach

@hubcurator: This article explores the differences between serious games and simulations, and goes further to describe scenarios when each approach would work best in the workplace.

Playing to Win: Could Gamification Boost Your Sales Success?

@hubcurator: Although this article comes from a sales perspective, it offers great insight in the value of games and ideas on how to tap into autonomy, mastery, purpose, progress, and social interaction.

Game Based Learning: The Phases of Acceptance

@hubcurator: According to this article: "The acceptance of game based learning into educational philosophy and practice can be viewed as a five-phase process. Though it happens gradually, the important thing is that the process is happening." Read on to learn more about this process, and how you can work with key stakeholders to move them through to acceptance.

How to Drive ROI on Gamification Initiatives

@hubcurator: According to this article, gamification is one of the optimal solutions to creating an effective e-learning system for organizations. Explore this article to learn how can we use gamification to bridge the gap between theoretical and real-life based learning.

Using Game Mechanics and Game Elements in Learning Games

@hubcurator: In this white paper, Sharon Boller provides an overview of the 12 most common game elements, including competition, collaboration, strategy, chance and more. You’ll learn to choose the right game rules for players to follow and see examples of serious games used in corporate and non-profit settings.

Understanding How to Use Gamification in Training

@hubcurator: Depending on your organization's culture, you may be feeling pressure to work gamification into your learning solutions, or perhaps the opposite is true—stakeholders see gamification as unserious and inappropriate for a business environment. This article explores how gamification might hold the potential to be a valuable component in the L&D toolbox, provided learning leaders deploy it in the right context.

Gamification: Still a Gamble, but One with Real Payoffs

@hubcurator: Gamification experts from Fidelity, Accenture and other companies discussed what works, what doesn’t, and what’s still uncertain about this approach to motivating learners.

How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons

@hubcurator: This article provides an interesting perspective on gameplay in the workforce. Uber has undertaken an extraordinary experiment in behavioral science to subtly entice an independent work force to maximize company revenue.

Top 10 Social Gamification Examples and Cases that Save the World

@hubcurator: Take some time to explore these top 10 social gamification examples from gamification guru and keynote speaker Yu-kai Chou.

Game-Based Learning: What it is, Why it Works, and Where it's Going

@hubcurator: What's at the heart of any good game? This article posits that it's the built-in learning process involved in all games. Learn more about the learning process and how we can leverage what we know about how humans learn to guide the design and development of games for our blended learning scenarios.

8 Gamification of Learning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

@hubcurator: Worried about what can go wrong with a gamification strategy? This article shares eight mistakes that have been made in gamification implementations. Explore more and learn what NOT to do when you implement your own gamified blended learning approach.

The Future of Gamification

@hubcurator: This report from the Pew Research Center explores how game mechanics like rewards and feedback loops are gaining ground. According to the report, many experts think they will spread widely to key domains like education and health by 2020. Others worry about a darker side. Read more to explore both sides.

Serious Game Secrets - What, Where, How, Who Cares? | Whitepaper

Serious Games provide a good Return on Engagement (ROE), since they make learning fun. And fun is something that will engage and motivate an ever immersed workforce. To learn more about secrets of Serious Games for corporate training download this whitepaper.