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Game-Based Learning & Gamification WK3 #InSyncHub @blendedlrnhub

Play to Learn

@hubcurator: This book bridges the gap between instructional design and game design. It promotes "game literacy" and strengthens crucial game design skills. Experts Sharon Boller and Karl Kapp share examples of in-person and online games to demonstrate these qualities.

How Gamification Can Engage Employees and Change Attitudes About Training

@hubcurator: This blog post from Justin Hill debunks a few gamification myths by describing its impact on training and behavioral change.

Dressing Activities as a Game is Enough to Shift Motivation

@hubcurator: A gamification experiment at Aarhus University Denmark demonstrated that merely framing an activity as a game increased intrinsic motivation. According to this article: "people can be made more intrinsically motivated simply by presenting an activity as a game." Fascinating!

Report Card: Gamification in Learning (What Works?)

@hubcurator: This "report card" highlights the game mechanics that have the most benefit and impact in corporate learning environments. Read on to learn the seven lessons that emerged from the study of gamification in the business world.

Feedback Loops, Gamification and Employee Motivation

@hubcurator: We know that our learners need feedback to stay engaged, and on track in our blended learning campaigns. A must-have gamification feature is immediate and steady feedback, which drives motivation and helps people learn, especially through feedback loops. How can we leverage this approach across all of our blended campaigns?

How Gaming Transforms the Workplace

@hubcurator: Microsoft's Ross Smith describes his experience and vision around how "productivity games" can help shape our working lives. Gaming and applied game elements, contends Smith, can make a dramatic impact on the quality of productivity, management, and even teamwork.

Evidence for Leaderboards and Learning

@hubcurator: Leaderboards are one of the most common ways to gamify learning. But do they actually help? This article highlights new academic research that examines this impact of gamification.

Why Adopt Gamification For Corporate Training - 8 Questions Answered

@hubcurator: This eLearning Industry article lays out in clear terms several top reasons why gamification is a valuable corporate training tool, including impact on the company's bottom line.

Gamification In eLearning: Getting It Right

@hubcurator: According to the authors: "Gamification in eLearning will grow to a 5.5 billion USD global market by 2018, which tells us that this way of learning has serious support in the eLearning sector. And human beings enjoy games; over 155 million Americans regularly play video games. So, if you have yet to explore how gamification could improve your eLearning programs, you should probably consider doing so."

eLearning Gamification: Multiple Scoring And Leaderboards

@hubcurator: There is some debate about leaderboards: should or shouldn't learner results be publicly displayed? This article argues that displaying leaderboard information will better engage your learners. Do you agree?

Gamification: Applying Psychology to Digital Transformation

@hubcurator: Is business gamification a fad or can it improve employee engagement, boost productivity and increase operational performance? This article explores how, done well, gamification successfully incorporates the psychology of gaming, specifically its intrinsic and extrinsic motivators that invite learner engagement.

When You Wish Upon a Star (Wars): Transmedia Storytelling & Design

@hubcurator: Dr. Stephen Slota introduces an interesting concept, known as transmedia storytelling, or the distribution of a particular narrative across multiple delivery channels and technologies. Slota contends that the relationship between transmedia storytelling and gamification is critical to thinking big about design.

6 Ways to Use Gamification as an Effective Incentive

@hubcurator: How can we really use gamification as an effective incentive to learn? This short article from Workside lists six qualities at the core of engaging and motivating gamification. A quick and easy read.

Create Effective Feedback Loops

@hubcurator: In a feedback loop, the player or learner performs an action, receives feedback from the experience and is then motivated to continue performing. Take some time to explore this tutorial from to learn how the feedback loop can be incorporated into any gamified learning experience. How can you use these feedback loops to engage your learners?

Gamification Isn't Playing Games; It's Making Work More Fun and Workers More Engaged

@hubcurator: Employee engagement can often be one of the more difficult metrics that human resource leaders are tasked with growing in their day-to-day work. But, it seems gamification has come to the rescue on this front. Generally, it seems to to take more tactical, or boring, tasks and make them more exciting for employees.

Instructions for Gamification

@hubcurator: This free e-book will help you to increase learners┬┤ motivation by following five steps: analyzing your target group; creating a firm foundation; creating an ongoing sense of accomplishment; becoming a game master; and thinking holistically.