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Gamification vs Game-Based eLearning: Can You Tell The Difference?

@hubcurator: This article from eLearning Industry will help you recognize the differences between gamification and game-based learning, and shape design strategies for making the games engaging, challenging, and achievement-based.

Gamification And Game-Based Learning: Two Different Things

@hubcurator: Take some time to explore more unique aspects of gamification and game-based learning. This article identifies specific features of each and ways to determine how to use one or both in your modern blended learning campaigns. There are some fantastic takeaways here on design ideas that can guide the development of gameplay in your learning campaigns. Game on!

The Difference Between Gamification And Game-Based Learning

@hubcurator: This article from Teach Thought provides concise definitions of gamification and game-based learning. Even better, the article shares up what each approach "is not", when it makes sense to use one or the other, and examples of each approach in play (pun intended!).

Games vs Game-based Learning vs Gamification

@hubcurator: This infographic from Upside Learning succinctly illustrates the key differences among games, game-based learning, and gamification, using Hopscotch to underscore the unique qualities of each approach.

Gamification vs Game-Based Learning: What's the Difference?

@hubcurator: What's the difference between game-based learning and gamification? This Knowledge Guru article explains how the two learning approaches differ and provides real-world examples to demonstrate those differences.

Differences Between Games, Game-Based Learning & Gamification

@hubcurator: Delve into the differences among games, game-based learning and gamification, and discover how each methodology has the potential to turn routine, mundane tasks into refreshing, motivating experiences.

The Beginner’s Guide to Gamification for Online Communities

@hubcurator: The team from Vanilla, a community building platform, know how to use gamification to benefit community interaction. Just about everything you ever wanted to know about gamification is in this handy and informative guide.

It's All in the Game: Considerations for Designing Effective, Engaging Instructional Games

@hubcurator: In this InSync blog post, Dr. Stephen Slota shares how the use of games in learning environments is becoming popular because of the way they engage and motivate learners. This impact points to the importance of strategic and clever design. Even though the design process might seem to be about “fun and games” on the surface, it’s far more nuanced than imagined.

Q & A with Karl Kapp: “Games are very valuable in today’s corporate environment”

@hubcurator: Take some time to review this interview with Karl Kapp, game-based learning guru, where he explains the advantages of gamification for corporate training and the future of learning.

Gamification And Serious Games: Differences And Benefits eLearning Pros Need To Know

@hubcurator: So, there's gamification, and then there are "serious games." This eLearning Industry article neatly describes the differences between the two learning approaches and their respective benefits. Interesting to note the perspective here that serious games should not be standalone eLearning activities. Read on to find out why.

Learning Through Gamification - Myth Versus Fact

@hubcurator: In this blog post, InSync Training guest blogger Brigg Patten dispels common gamification myths. Is gamification ALL about badges, leaderboards, and points? Is there more to gamification than that? Read this post to find out the truth behind the myths.

BYTE Session - Gamification: Strategies for Merging Learning Theory, Games, and Instructional Design

@hubcurator: Listen to this recording of an InSync Byte session led by Dr. Stephen Slota, who draws on his professional experiences to discuss gamification topics, including mechanics, dynamics, and design.

How to Use Gamification in eLearning

@hubcurator: We've shared this blog post because of the approach the author takes to using gamification to engage learners. Essentially, he cites “The Four C’s”: Creative, Challenge, Control and Competition in the design of a gamification strategy. Think about how this approach can be used for game design, as well.

3 Ways to Use Game-Based Learning

@hubcurator: This article approaches game-based learning from an academic perspective, and offers several strategies for bringing games into any learning environment.

3 Benefits of Game-based Compliance Training | AllenComm

There are real benefits to game-based training: 1) greater engagement, 2) the application of knowledge in a realistic context, and 3) more empathy. It’s time to change the industry norms and give games a bigger role in compliance training.