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Updated by Extait on Oct 19, 2017
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Extait blog | best e-commerce and magento 2 info and solutions

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5 Extensions for M2 to set your store on auto-pilot

Check these 5 extensions for Magento 2 that will help you to organize your store management. Admin Email Notifier to track all event in your store, Order Manager to modify orders, LiveChat to be more accessible to your client and others.

PHPUnit: Easy Unit Test Writing in Magento 2

In this blog post Alex Skrashuk, Senior Magento developer at Extait, will touch on unit testing in Magento 2 and show you how to write unit tests using PHPUnit framework.

Extait. It all started with

Looking back for what we achieved as a Magento development company, we’d like to tell you how it all started. There’s a whole team of nice people behind Extait who every day come to work to contribute to the common goal – helping e-commerce business be more successful with best Magento 2 extensions

5 unquestionable advantages of Magento 2 over Magento 1

Take a quick look at the 5 key advantages of Magento 2 over Magento 1 that make it worth to upgrade your store.

New Magento 2 extensions under construction

More cool Magento 2 extensions are on their way to appear at Extait store. There are no analogs to them at this time on Magento market, don't miss to be the first who try it.

Ultimate List of Resources to Prepare for Your Magento Certification Exam

Check our list of resources which will help you pass your Magento Certification exam with flying colors.

10 Best Magento Bloggers from Whom You Need to Learn

We’ve rounded up a list of 10 best Magento bloggers who know Magneto world inside-out and share their knowledge with the community.

10 Interesting Facts about Magento Wikipedia Won’t Tell You

Would you like to learn 10 interesting facts about Magento that Wiki doesn't know? Read on.

We are working on new modules for Magento 2

More cool modules for Magento 2 will soon appear at Extait store for all e-commerce owners who want to enhance their stores. Would you like to become the pioneer and introduce the latest trends in your store that one day will become a must-have? Check our upcoming modules for Magento 2.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation Custom Filters

This post will explain you how to add a custom filter to layered navigation in Magento 2. Prepared by Alexander Skrashuk, Senior Magento developer at Extait.

How Product Videos Increase E-commerce Sales: Stats and Tips | Infographic

Learn the fresh stats on how product videos help to increase e-commerce sales. Apply our tips to create awesome product videos that power your store be it Magento or any other.

7 Hot E-commerce Trends to Put into Practice in 2017

Would you like to learn the hottest e-commerce trends for 2017? Check our article and get ahead with your e-commerce strategy.
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How To Respond To Negative Reviews and Win Back Customers

Have your online store got a one-star rating? Wondering how to better respond to your customer complaints? Learn useful tips that will help you to sooth the pain of a negative review and turn it into a savvy marketing move that promotes your business

5 Tips to start your product SEO optimization in Magento 2

As an e-store owner, you know that today’s customers tend to make a thorough research when buying online. They want to find the best price offering available trying to spend less time possible. Thus being atop of the rankings with the relevant pitch is vital meaning you can’t get away from SEO as a part of your e-commerce marketing strategy.

How to Make Your Product Page Conversion-boosting in Magento 2

Struggling to increase conversions of your product pages? Here's a bunch of useful tips on how to optimize your product page in Magento 2. Apply them all to your store and watch your product pages converting more.

Conversion-boosting Magento 2 Product Page Checklist

Take a quick checklist of a well-designed Magento 2 product page functionality and use it further to plan a strategy for your product page improvement.

Why your ecommerce business needs a mobile app: 5 key reasons

Have you ever thought about launching an app and entering the ubiquitous mobile race? Wondering if a mobile app for your ecommerce business makes sense?

Read on to learn the 5 key reasons why almost every business can benefit from its mobile app. Regardless of what it sells, to whom, and how often.

What should you do if your Magento site got hacked

Even with some of the best security features available, Magento sites often get hacked. This article will explain what makes Magento vulnerability and what you should do if your site got attacked.

Top 3 reasons why customers leave (and how to fix it)

Online customers are continuously bombarded with choices in every sector. Even if they bought from you once or twice no one can guarantee that they will choose you every time. If an alternative offer comes to your customers at the right time and with the right value, make no doubt - they will consider it.