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Choices of Undergraduate Courses to Follow in Sri Lanka – Choose from the Best

Academics in Sri Lanka are of a high standard with many iconic institutes offering undergraduates programmes with affiliations to international universities. Here is a list of the most popular courses


Automotive Systems Engineering

At the end of this course graduates will be endowed with a thorough knowledge of engineering; including specialist automotive systems engineering as offered by top notch universities. The latter is recognized internationally as an accredited automotive degree. Included in the course are the basics of physical law as well as engineering mechanism which covers, vehicle dynamics, transmission and power units, automotive electronics and telematics, component system and the electrical systems of a vehicle. This course is ideal for individuals seeking to base their future careers on the development, design and progressive future of automotive.


Business Informative Systems

This is a course for those seeking to be well established in the technology field. One of the most popular undergraduate courses in Sri Lanka, the study of business informative systems cover the development, procurement and implementation of business oriented computer systems. Aimed at equipping students with the ability to analysis an organisations business requirement; the course helps them support the institute with consultancy, project management and business analysis. Become a key player in the field opening up whole new vistas for your career path both locally and internationally by following this course at a well-established and reputed campus.


Marine Engineering

A Marine Engineering course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and qualifications in maritime business and how port logistics operate. Learn how to implement the principles of marine engineering in the fields of seafaring vessels, functions of various aquatic vessels and the docks. Marine engineering and marine engineering systems study leading to careers as captain or chief engineer are highly sought out and as CINEC Campus emphasizes it is all about natural skills and leadership qualities acquired during your period of study that defines your early success in this field.


Diploma in Teaching Mathematics and Science

These very popular courses are specifically aimed at future teachers and those already in the academics field. Courses help students improve their knowledge of a universal language such English while notching up their teaching abilities and knowledge on varied subject matters; ideal for acquiring excellent teaching skills in your chosen field; these courses too are second to none.


Petroleum Engineering

This is a branch of engineering that deals with the logistics of drilling, recovering, producing and distributing petroleum products. It is a highly lucrative career path that teaches one a set of skills in the fields of properties of fluids and rocks, subsurface environments as well as how best to exploit the production of gasses and oils from global petroleum reservoirs. A highly regarded degree that grabs the attention of many a student this too is just one of the popular Bachelor's Degree or Undergraduate courses to follow in Sri Lanka.

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