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Headline for Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship [READING LIST]
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Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship [READING LIST]

Tools, resources, and more for any person interested in pursuing their passion to make a dent in the universe


Social entrepreneurship certificate programs prepare you for emerging markets caused by the disruptive innovations in technology.

#socentMBA and other social entrepreneurship graduate certificate programs are popping up all over the world. If you are looking for my other list of social enterprise certificates programs you can check out my post, 13 social entrepreneurship certificate programs. Not to worry, though, this post contains new opportunities for all you social pioneers out there.

One of my missions is to breakdown the barriers that stand between people and opportunity throughout the United States of America.

We are launching our youth program, Action Horizon Institute, this summer. Fortunately, our small team is growing strong with dedicated members of the community who share my vision and passion for making a dent in the universe. One turned into two. Then four and five. Now six and seven.

We are creating a new market at the intersection of the following adjacent market segments – our customers will come from each of these segments:

Cooperative Impact is a social innovation conference for changemakers to learn how to transform social problems into economic opportunities.

Value Chain Innovation Replaces Styrofoam

Businesses create value, and then sell that value to customers. Social enterprises operate the same way: they create value, and then sell the value.

Warby Parker Social Entrepreneurs

Have you read the blog post about the awesome girl who uses value chain innovation to replace styrofoam? It is another powerful example of how you might think about solving a social problem by harnessing the power of business.

One of my missions is to breakdown the barriers that stand between people and opportunity throughout the United States of America.

Traditional entrepreneurs use profit models to accumulate personal wealth. Social entrepreneurs use profit models to sustain projects which tackle social problems like inequality and climate change.

Most products and services we purchase are not requirements of human survival. In other words, they are luxuries to make our lives easier, increase our quality of life (which is perfectly fine), or we buy things for vanity. The problem is not so much our obsession with buying “stuff”, rather, it is that when an entrepreneur lives in a different location other than the customer’s local community it causes an economical ripple to occur. The very moment a customer pays an entrepreneur is the same moment the overall value of that particular community is reduced.

Reduce the cost of living

I am unsure whether an increase in the minimum wage is the solution to my problems, but I am willing to explore the concept.

Are you researching social entrepreneurship? What are you hoping to learn? Do you know what social entrepreneurship is, by definition?

Social mobility is an opportunity to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps, work hard, get a good education, and build a better life. That is what makes this nation the land of opportunity. Without opportunity the American Dream is not accessible.

Build a startup that solves a social problem

Education is meant to prepare a student for the economy, but as new technology disrupts our institutions it leaves higher education in a state of confusion. The requirements of high-paying jobs are a moving target. Skills that are in demand today may quickly become obsolete tomorrow.