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Updated by Jayden Coleman on Sep 20, 2017
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6 Tips to Spice up Your Nonprofit Newsletter

Newsletters can have a tremendous impact on any nonprofit’s success. To build and maintain relationships with donors is one of the main reasons to create it.
What type of content should nonprofits have in their newsletters to keep audience in touch and interested? Most of the organizations don’t exactly know how to use it correctly and what goes into it.
Are you struggling with your newsletter? Do nonprofits have trouble while generating content to fill this?


Here are few ideas to make it easy and get donors interested again:

  1. Think of your subject line and sharing updates Choose a short title for your content; add statistics relevant to your cause. Avoid using the words in your subject line which are most often used by spammers. Your entire subject line should represent your organization’s mission.

Don’t just fill your newsletter with sale items and promotions. Things like new events, campaigns, programs, needs, and goals met etc are great updates to share with your subscribers.


2. Pick a theme for your newsletter

Choosing a theme for your newsletter, you can keep your content organized and straightforward. Don’t bounce from topic to topic; it can overwhelm your readers when you have different titles. Help your nonprofit standout by creating your content clickable and focused wholly on donors.


3. Keep it short and simple

The people subscribing to your nonprofit’s newsletter are already interested in what your association does. Make it simple and engaging. If it is getting a little bit heavy, split it into smaller chunks.

Minimalism is not the lack of something; it’s the perfect amount of something.


4. Make it different

Your content does not always have to be original and unique. Fresh ideas always have an impact. In your newsletter you can add some kind of art, related videos and something entertaining associated with your organization. This will help you to spread your words and draw attention of a large number of audiences.


5. Show your mission in a creative way

Draw together all your data and find a way to show data that graphically paints your mission. Keeping subscribers interested, marketers need to compose their organizations’ most recent successes into compelling stories that inspire them. Stories are a great type of content to share in the nonprofit newsletters and have the ability to inform, engage, and inspire.

You can share these stories visually like images and graphs – just get creative with it, so that you can connect with your readers on a visual level too. An info graphic could be a great way for nonprofits to showcase the data from their outcomes.


6. Report on your outcomes

A report on outcomes can be a great addition to any nonprofit’s newsletter. It will help you to evaluate what your organization has done. By measuring your performance, you can make new policies to set and fulfill your new goals.
Let your supporters know when your organization makes major donations and what that money will do further your mission.