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Updated by Zip Clock on Mar 20, 2018
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Online Monthly Time Sheet

An online monthly timesheet, just like any other well-prepared printable time spreadsheet, is adequately self-explanatory or easy to understand and follow.

Online Monthly Time Sheet Most Valuable Benefits - Zip Clock

An online monthly timesheet records the time that employees spend working on a particular project through an online time tracking tool such as an automated employee time clock.

9 Time Management Techniques Sure to Boost Efficiency

Once you have created habits from these time management techniques, the long-term effects will be completely to your benefit.

Timesheet Template Excel - Employee Attendance Sheet Template Excel

Timesheet Template Excel – Free download employee attendance sheet template in excel from Zip Clock for employee attendance tracking. Get real time attendance tracking with Zip Clock’s employee attendance sheet template in excel.

Online Printable Timesheet System for Restaurant Business

If you’re trying to save money, it’s time your rethought how employee time is recorded. A web-based system with a printable timesheet can help you save money in many ways. 

Electronic Timesheets

The first benefit an electronic timesheet time tracking system provides is reduced time fraud because employees are no longer able to steal time. This is unlike a paper-based system where employees can record whatever they wish.

Time Log Template

Using a time log template, time logging software, and other time log scheduling tools will help you organize your remaining employees and to also to identify the departments that have been affected most by the employee shortages

Online Time And Attendance

If you have at one time or another created paper timesheets manually, then it is obvious that you know all too well the Zip Clock Online Timesheet stress, headaches, and exhaustion associated with the process.

Record Keeper: Compliance with Dept. of Labor Rules

Why are restaurants particularly vulnerable to the financial or managerial impact of these proposed changes? Within the restaurant industry there are a significant number of low and midlevel managers – including bar managers, sous chefs, shift managers, and others – who may now be exempt from overtime benefits.