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Benefits of Soft Furnishings - Video Dailymotion
  1. Soft Furnishings are household textiles such as curtains, throw pillows, carpets, rugs, bed sheets, blankets, quilts, duvets, and pillows. 2. Soft Furnishings are indispensable not only because they add to the interior décor of the room but also essential to improve comfort. 3. Besides interior décor, here are some of the benefits of using soft furnishings. 4. i) Curtains enhance the beauty and elegance of a room while keeping away heat and UV rays of the sun from entering the room. II) Curtains also block external sound and dust from entering the room. III) It also ensures the privacy of every room of the house. 5. I) Carpets are an elegant method to protect the floor from excessive wear and tear. II) Carpets and rugs provide an anti-slip floor. III) Carpets also absorb sound and make the room feel warm and cozy. 6. Throw pillows are used on sofas and arm chairs and provide neck and back support to the user. 7. Bedspreads, Bed sheets, and quilts are a necessity in the bedroom as they: i) Protect the mattress and also provide the much-needed warmth. 8. Tablecloth is a soft furnishing that is used to enhance the beauty of an otherwise dull table. It also protects the table from stains and wear and tear. Visit to contact Soft Furnishing Suppliers in UAE i.e. at
Kinds of Flooring Accessories & Their Uses - Video Dailymotion

Flooring accessories are used for various purposes:  To add the finishing touches to the room,  To bridge gaps between room,  To bring about a seamless transition between flooring types, and  To provide protection for the floor. The most commonly used flooring accessories are:  Flooring beading  Pipe Roses  Door Bars  Carpet Grippers  Stair Rods  Rugs  Underlay Flooring Beading Flooring Beading bridges the gap between the floor and the wall. It covers the expansion gap between the planks and the wall and provides a beautiful finish to the room. Pipe Roses Pipe Roses are also known as pipe covers. It is used to cover the holes around pipes. Pipes roses are available in plastic and wood and come in various finishes. Door Bars Door bars are used at the threshold of a door. Door bars reduce the risk of tripping. It is also used to join two carpets or a carpet to the floor. It is also an elegant way to join two flooring types between two rooms. There are also different types of door bars such as Laminate Door Bars, Z Section Door Bars, Double Edge Door Bars, and LVT Door Bars. Carpet Grippers A carpet gripper is used so that the carpet, once laid, stays firm. Carpet grippers are ideal for wooden floors. Stair Rods Stair rods hold carpets in place on stairs. It is also a decorative accessory that can give your stairs a classic finish. Rugs Rugs can add warmth and style to a room. Available in different shapes and styles, rugs are an affordable means to bring color and change the appearance of a room. Underlay The underlay determines how the flooring feels, wears and looks. The Underlay absorbs shock, reduces noise, adds a cushioned depth and also insulates the house. Visit to contact Flooring Accessories Suppliers in UAE i.e. at

Window Tinting Benefits for Home & Cars - Video Dailymotion

Advantages of Window Tinting • Window tinting is an effective way to avoid harmful radiations from the sun. • Tinting your window prevents sun burns, skin cancer and other similar infections. • Film tints can be applied on all types of glass panel windows, they are mostly applied on, car windshields and toughened glass on skyscrapers. • Some tinting films are designed to reflect harmful UV or Infrared radiations. Advantages of tinting your window • In hot weather conditions tinted windows cut down heat within the vehicle or home. • They help increase the efficiency of air conditioners and provide effective heat dissipation. • In cold weather conditions some films are designed to reflect interior heat inwards providing a warm atmosphere. • Tinted windows help protect home and car upholstery from fading due to excess heat. • They reduce glare and provide privacy to the users. • They are cost effective, shatter proof and easy to install Types of window tinting film Window tinting films are designed in different ways to suit different situations. Dyed Window Tint Film • This film comprises of a dye which is in a layer next to the film, this adds color to the glass. • This dye blocks sunlight by absorbing the rays. • Dyed window tinting film is the cheapest in the market. Metalized film • Metalized film is made up of small metallic particles which are embedded within the film. • These metallic particles block sunlight by reflecting it rather than absorbing it. • Metalized tinting films create a shiny appearance on the glass. Carbon Window Tint Film • Carbon tinting films come in dark and matte finish. • They are highly effective in block infrared and UV radiations. • Carbon tinting films are highly durable and do not fade with respect to time. Ceramic film • Ceramic window tints are the most expensive window tint films. • They are transparent in nature and strengthen glass. • They reduce glare and not only block sunlight but also reflect interior light. Visit to get Window Tinting Services in UAE i.e. at

Popular Types of Automation Systems

Popular Types of Automation Systems
Automation systems are designed to perform demanding tasks with ease.
They carry out manufacturing tasks, perform hard labor and handle telephones.
Automation eliminates manual labor and increases productivity.
Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
This is a computational model which mimics biological neurons.
This automated system has an adaptive network.
This system is designed to identify patterns in a pool of data.
It performs sequence recognition, pattern recognition and trading operations.
Distributed Control System (DCS)
This automation system uses separate controls through the system.
These systems are used to perform manufacturing operations.
They are efficient in performing repetitive tasks.
Traffic lights, motion sensors and switching systems are controlled by these systems.
Human Machine Interface (HMI)
This automation system depends on human interaction in order to function.
The user must have access to the system for it to function.
ATMs use human machine interface automation system.
These automation systems are attached to an access control system.
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
This is a large system connected to smaller subsystems.
This automation system is connected to remote terminal units.
Remote terminal units translate sensor signals into data.
They coordinate processes instead of controlling them.
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
PLCs are real time automation systems which perform rapid operations.
These systems control manufacturing machines in industrial production.
They can be used to program various applications.
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Types of HVAC Technology Used in Business Establishments

Types of HVAC Technology Used in Business & Commercial Establishments
What is HVAC?
HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment.
They are used to provide thermal comfort and improve air quality.
There are two other types of HVAC systems which are HVACR and HACR.
They can be fitted to residential structures, corporate structures and hospitals.
HVAC systems replace air and provide air with high indoor quality.
These systems must be fitted professorially by HVAC contractors.
Types of HVAC Technology
Variable Air Volume (VAV)
This is a single duct air system with varying air flow.
In this system the supply air temperature can be controlled.
VAV systems use a thermal reheat box for better temperature control.
They are powered by a terminal fan for better zone control.
Constant Air Volume (CAV)
This is a single duct air system which supplies constant air flow.
This system is equipped with a thermostat used to vary air temperature.
Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)
This system uses a heat pump which regulates the heating and cooling medium.
It is equipped with a heat recovery option.
The recovery options allows the condensing unit to operate in different modes.
This system is designed to reduce energy consumption.
Chilled Beams
This is a terminal unit which comprises of a heating and cooling coil.
Active chilled beams increase the capacity of the induction unit with air.
Passive chilled beam use an induction unit for temperature control.
Heat Pumps
Heat pumps move energy from one location to the other.
They reverse between heating and cooling modes.
This is a conventional HVAC system.
Unit Ventilators
Unit ventilators are exposed to the area which requires ventilation.
They comprise of an internal fan and a heating or cooling coil.
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All Types of Visa in UAE | Apply Visa through Visa Agencies

What are Visa Services

Visa services assist tourists, businessmen and families to obtain a visa permit.
Visa service providers set up online portals for online visa application.
They take care of the overall visa applications procedure.
They stay up to date with the immigration policies and visa application rules.
Visa services are provided by private firms, travel and tour operators.

They Help their Clients Apply for Different Visas such as

Tourist Visa
Visit Visa
Single Entry Visa
Transit Visa
Student Visa
Work Visa
Business Visa
Refugee Visa
Spouse Visa
Immigrant Visa

They Prepare Visa Applicants

Visa service providers prepare tourists to face visa interviews.
They prepare them for the questions asked by the immigration authorities.

Visa Service Providers Explain Tourists About

The type of visa required for your travel.
The types of visa services offered by different nations.
How long is a visa valid?
What is a visa policy and how to apply for a visa?
What are the documents required for visa application?
What is the visa processing time?

They Track Your Visa

Visa service providers track the visa processing procedure post application
They alert the customer when the visa is approved.
Some companies are set up in overseas countries to help immigrants.
Some companies also alert the applicant prior to the visa expiring.
Visa service providers guide applicants through the payment procedure.
They also assist transit passengers in foreign currency exchange.

Some Popular Visa Services are:

On-Demand Mobile Visa Service
Express Visa Service
Platinum Lounge Service
Super-Priority Visa Service
Premium Lounge Service
Walk-In Without Appointment Service
Form Filling Assistance
Application and Document Checks
SMS Service
Courier Return Service
Photograph Service
Printing Service

Visit to contact Visa Services Agencies in UAE i.e. at

All Types of Window Blinds Used in UAE

5 Types of Window Blinds

Blinds are a type of window covering which consist of horizontal or vertical slats.
These slats are held together by chords which run through the blind slat.
Blind slats are made up of wood, fabric, plastic or metal.
They increase insulation and provide protection from harmful UV light.
They reduce dependence on air conditioners as they maintain room temperature.

Types of Window Blinds

Roller Blinds
Vertical Blinds
Venetian Blinds
Persian Blinds
Roman Blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are made up of fabric.
They are raised and lowered using chain present on the side.
They can be raised or lowered to preferred height.
They can be fixed to the side with metal brackets.
Roller blinds have side edges which are free of loose fibres.
The bottom edge of the blinds are attached with plain stretcher bars.
These bars are strong enough to hold weight and remain in vertical position.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are made up of high-quality fabric called louvers
These louvers hang from the headrail and are linked with a chain
They can be tilted from the left to right or be fully pulled back.
Vertical blinds come with a white headrail and white components.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are made up of aluminium or wood slats.
These slats can be adjusted either vertically or horizontally.
Venetian blinds can be raised or lowered from the open position.
They are very flexible and can be remote controlled.

Persian Blinds

Persian blinds come with horizontal slats which are made up of metal or vinyl.
They can be rotated to 90 degrees.
They allow light to pass through and fold up on one side of the door.

Roman Blinds

Roman window blinds are designed to block sunlight completely.
They stack up evenly and can cover high windows.
They can stack up completely without overlapping.

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Stainless Steel Hoses Suppliers in UAE

Stainless Steel Hoses

Stainless steel hoses are strip wound or corrugated.
Strip wound hoses are known for their increased tensile strength.
Corrugated hoses are designed to withstand high pressure and are leak proof.
Stainless steel hoses are known for their flexible nature and corrosion resistance.
They can function at high temperature and high pressure.

Properties of Stainless Steel Hoses

Stainless steel hoses exhibit excellent corrosion resistance.
Their all welded assembly emphasizes on high strength and safety.
They have a wide pressure range of 220 bar.
They can also withstand a temperature range from -200oC and 600oC.
Hoses are constructed with a tough all metal construction that is highly durable.

They come with different types of end fittings such as

Hygienic Type

Stainless steel hoses can be used in a wide range of applications which include

Cool Water
Hot Oil
Various Gases and

Stainless steel hoses are braided with a strong oxide layer which is immune to

Highly Corrosive Chemicals
Blemishes or Contaminants
Abrasive Substances
Micro-Bacterial Growth
Welding or High Temperature

Corrugated Stainless Steel Hoses

These stainless steel hoses are designed without an external braiding.
They are ideal for absorbing vibrations and correcting misalignment.
They are also used to pipe metal expansions and contractions.

Some Types Of Corrugated Stainless Steel Hoses Are

Unbraided Hose
Single Braided Hose
Double Braided Hose
Stainless Steel Butt Welded Tube
Annular Pitch Corrugation

Stainless Steel Braided Hose

Stainless steel braided hoses are designed to minimize pressure drops.
They are environment friendly and resist moisture.
They can withstand a maximum work pressure of 3,000 psi.

Visit to contact Stainless Steel Hoses Suppliers in UAE i.e. at

Roofing Materials Dealers in UAE

Roofing materials are chosen based on the type of roof and the type of facility that is being constructed.

The different types of roofing materials are metal, cement, wood, asphalt, slate, green and clay.

Metal roofing is mostly used for warehouses but they are also available in different styles for houses.

Metal roofs are durable
Resistant to Termites and other wood boring insects.
It is commonly used for the construction of warehouses.

Asphalt is one of the most popular roofing materials.
It is one of the most inexpensive roofing materials and
It is available in a wide range of colors and styles
They are resistant to fire and
Easy to repair if damaged

Wood Roofs offer a natural look.
It provides better insulation and is long lasting.

Cement roofs are expensive when compared to other materials.
Cement roofs are extremely durable when maintained well and are fireproof.

Clay is one of the most durable materials for roofing.
It is resistant to fire, rain, decay and mold.

Green roofs are the latest technology and are manufactured with a special waterproof material.
Green roofs are used as a support for plant growth and they act as a natural thermal insulator.

Slate is a variety of stone which is split into thin sheets; these sheets make an ideal roofing material.

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Benefits of Using Control and Automation Panels

Control and automation panels are used in industrial machinery and household appliances.
All control panels receive data from remote sensors.

Modular panel mounted controllers are interconnected to distributed control systems.
Distributed control systems are equipped with PLC systems.
PLC systems come with few controllable loops.
These controllable loops are best used in chemical processing industries.

Advantage of Using a Discrete Control Panel

A discrete control panel is a small discrete controller which operates with a single loop.
It does not obstruct the view of the front panel as it is mounted.
It can be operated automatically.
With the alteration of the control set point, they can be operated manually.
It can be modified according to the industrial standard protocol.
The controllers can be interlocked by using remote controllers.

Benefit of Using a Distributed Control Panel

This is a digital processor control system which is commonly used in industries.
It can be operated from anywhere within the premise.
It belongs to a hierarchy of controllers which are connected by a network.
These control panels can be easily configured as it interfaces other controllers.
No cable operations are required as it is racked to the network.

Benefits of Using SADA Control Panel

SADA refers to supervisory control and data acquisition.
It is equipped with a graphical user interface for high-level processing.
It also uses programmable logic controllers and PID controllers.
These controllers interface with the manufacturing plant and machinery.
You can use a universal remote to control these systems.

Advantages of Using Programmable Logic Control Panels (PLC)

This is the most reliable control panel.
They are small building block devices which house the integral processor.
This processor can be mapped to a large rack modular mounter device.
It can be designed for different arrangements for analogue and digital input.
It is best suited to be used in HVAC equipment.
It is resistant to noise, vibration and electrical surges.

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Water Treatment and Purification Companies in UAE

Types of Water Treatment Processes
Coagulation or Flocculation
In this process, liquid aluminum sulphate or polymer is added to water.
Dirt particles in the water then stick together or coagulate and continue to stick together until heavy particles are formed.
These heavy dirt particles are called flocs.
The Flocs are then removed from the water by settling or filtration.
In this process, a filter is designed to remove dirt particles when water flows through it.

Filtration is also a process that is used in disinfection to improve the effectiveness of the disinfection process.

Disinfection is a water treatment process that destroys parasites, bacteria and viruses before the water is sent to the distribution system.
Chlorine is an effective disinfectant that is added to water.
Disinfection is an important process that protects against possible biological contamination in the water distribution system.

Water fluoridation is a process where the concentration of the free fluoride ion is adjusted to optimum level sufficiency.
This process helps reduce decay that is caused by the excess fluoride in the water.
pH Correction
This process adjusts the pH levels in the water by adding lime to stabilize natural soft water.
pH correction prevents corrosion in the distribution system and water pipes.

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Benefits of Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems (BMS)
A building management system is a control system that manages and monitors the electrical, electromechanical and mechanical services in a building.
These services include HVAC, access control, elevators and power.
Some of the benefits of installing a BMS includes:
Increased Energy Efficiency
Increased Value of the Building or Property
Improved Security
Increases Energy Efficiency
• A BMS minimizes energy usage and waste by cutting of power to portions of a building when it is not used.
• It analyzes and monitors how energy is consumed.
• Automatically turns on and off lights and air conditioners when no one is in the room.
• Energy costs of the organization are thereby reduced.
• Equipment operation costs can be reduced up to 15% annually
• Natural resources are conserved and the carbon footprint of the organization is reduced.
Increases Value of the Building and Property
The value of the property increases when a BMS is installed.
The lesser the utility costs, the net income of the building increases and also increases the value of the building.
Security and Access Control
The risk of theft or damage to property is reduced.
Access can be allowed or denied to anyone trying to enter the premises of the building through the system.

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Motors Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE

Why Are Motors Essential for Our Daily Life?
Motors are designed to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy.
They consist of a magnetic field winding coil and a series of rotating hubs.
They can be used in a wide range of daily applications.
They produce a linear rotatory force that generates enormous electricity.
They are powerful enough to power industrial heavy machinery.
Electric Motors
Electric motors are used to rotate pumps, drive compressors and lift materials.
They use a field magnet to create motion.
They consist of an armature which helps generate current.
AC (Alternating current) and DC (Direct current) motors are mostly used.
Benefits of Using Electric Motors
Electric motors can power irrigation pumps for farming.
They are a one time investment for your requirement.
They do not require periodic maintenance.
They are very durable and energy efficient.
They can be automatically controlled with the help of a remote.
They are best suited for household applications.
Types of (AC) alternating current motors
Synchronous Motor
Induction Motor
Single-Phase Motor
Three-Phase Motor
Types of (DC) direct current motors
Separately Excited Motor
Self-Excited Motor
Series Motor
Compound Motor
Shunt Motor
Why Do We Need Them
Motors are used for both industrial and domestic functions.
They are present in most electronic home appliances.
They perform auxiliary functions in electric kitchen appliances.
They make life easier and reduce the involvement of manual labour.
They are durable and require less maintenance.
Motors are used in small household appliances such as
Food Processors
Vacuum Cleaners
Electric Brooms
Massage Machines
Visit to contact Motor Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE

Container Homes Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE

Benefits of Constructing your House with Shipping Containers
Houses that are built from shipping container are gaining popularity because of the less time and money required to construct the house and also for the eco-friendly benefits.
Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of constructing a house with shipping containers.
Shipping containers are built to resist harsh climatic conditions.

A container is the safest storm shelter as it can handle wind speeds of 100 mile per hour.
It will never collapse during an earthquake.
Therefore it is an ideal building material.
Easy to Construct
It is extremely easy to build into a home.
A container house could be constructed in 4 months.

A container house can be built off site and then transported to the site.
With proper insulation a container could be turned into a warm home in winter and a cooler home in summer.
A 40 feet container weighs around 3500 kilograms.
By building a home with 3 containers you are recycling steel worth 10,500 kilograms.
Containers are originally built for transport and can be easily moved when needed.
Cost Effective
Converting a shipping container into a home is much cheaper than buying a house in the cheapest location in the city.
Customized Designs
Containers can be designed in to various shapes to give it a unique look.
External cladding could also be done to improve the aesthetics.
Visit to contact Container Houses Manufacturers in UAE i.e. at