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Headline for Famous Rocks to Climb in Sri Lanka -Conquer the Greats & Make Priceless Memories!
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Famous Rocks to Climb in Sri Lanka -Conquer the Greats & Make Priceless Memories!

Looking out for adult outdoor activities to try out while in Sri Lanka? How about climbing up to these famous rocks? The view and the experience will be both worth the climb! 🌄🎒




Any travel guide such as the The Adventure Travel Site will tell you that Sigiriya is one of the highest rated attractions in the country, and for good reason too. This 660 feet high rock fortress has not just been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site but it's also considered as the 8th Wonder of the World!

Belonging to the 5th Century, the Sigiriya Rock Fortress was built by a wayward king, by the name of Kasyapa who murdered his father for the throne. He then built his citadel here and created many wonders such as you will read below.

When you first visit the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, you will have to take a walk through its beautifully landscaped gardens which are said to be among the oldest in the world.

Then you will come across the entrance to the flight of stair which is marked by a gigantic pair of lion's paws.

As you ascend, you will come across the dazzling Mirror Wall as well as the famous Sigiriya frescoes. At the top of the rock, a magnificent view of the surrounding land awaits!


Pidurangala Rock

Pidurangala Rock

By Ji-Elle (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

According to the ancient chronicles, before King Kasyapa took Sigiriya to be the site of his fortress, it was first occupied by Buddhist monks who used it as a retreat for meditation.

King Kasyapa is said to have relocated these monks to Pidurangala Rock, which stands a few kilometers north of Sigiriya. As a sort of compensation of taking away their original home, KIng Kasyapa had built a temple and monastery here for the monks to accommodate themselves.

This temple or Vihara and its monastery is still in existence today to see if you care to climb on top of the Pidurangala Rock.


Ella Rock

Ella Rock

Ella Rock , Photo by Heshan Rajapaksha via Pexels

Ella Rock is located within the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. The rock is situated within a 2 hours trek from the town of Ella, which is quite pleasing as you journey through lush tea plantations and woods.

There are guides available who will take you to the summit and back for a cost of around 1500 rupees.

Be sure to research online and find out more about the site before going there as there are certain protocol to follow.

For example, you should not flip flops and uncovered clothes as these will expose you to the troublesome leeches who are ever ready to cling onto unsuspecting travellers!


Mulkirigala (Mulkirigala)

Mulkirigala (Mulkirigala)

Gobbler, Mulkirigala Rock Temple 5, CC BY-SA 3.0

Mulkirigala is home to venerated temple Mulkirigala Raja Maha Viharaya. Also dubbed as Little Sigiriya It is situated in Mulkirigala in Hambantota District in Sri Lanka's down south.

Mulkirigala is famous among the tourists awing to the fact that The Dutch who ruled coastal south coast had confused this rock with Adams Peak and they believed this rock contained the tombs of Adam and Eve.




By Kiriwattuduwa (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bambarakanda Falls cascading down 750 feet is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka and there are climbing paths available for beginners and experienced climbers. This is a relatively less crowded and off beat place compared to other listings.

Located in Kalupahana in Nuwara Eliya district , You have to walk through serene pines plots to reach the summit whence the scenery is amazing